How Rental Software Deliver Ease In Operating Portable Toilet Rental Business

How Rental Software Deliver Ease In Operating Portable Toilet Rental Business

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With the advent of the digital age, many toilet rental businesses launched their eCommerce websites and gained access to wider markets. They also made the industry recognizable on the internet and opened a channel for more investment in the same. In the US alone, the industry was valued at $2.1 billion in 2022. Speaking globally, the numbers were $4.93 billion in 2020 and anticipated to reach $ 6.78 billion in the next 5 years.

But why is the toilet rental industry growing?

Growth factors in the toilet rental industry

At a broader level, there are three key growth drivers:

  • The lack of resources and absence of infrastructure development in respect to the immense population growth.
  • Consumer conscious decisions leading to increase in sustainable alternatives to toilet construction. For example, the leasing models and smart water conserving porta toilets.
  • The rising demand and awareness for health and hygiene in both developed and under-developed countries.

To step into the restroom rental industry or increase revenue, business aspirants can benefit from going online with an eCommerce website. In this blog, we will lay emphasis on the key consumers, top players, pricing and digital aspects of the industry, including how rental software can help aspirants and existing toilet rental business.

Blog Contents

Top Markets and Key Consumers in the Toilet Rental Industry

The United States is the prominent market for the toilet rental industry. It is followed by European countries like the UK and Germany. The demand for toilet rentals is also increasing in Brazil and Asian countries like China and India.

The core customer groups of rented toilets are:

  • Event companies
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites
  • NGOs and Fundraiser companies
  • Disaster management 
  • Sports management
  • Local state parks

Multilingual Rental Software to Start an All-embracing Restroom Rental Business

Top Players in the Toilet Rental Industry

Company Revenue
United Rentals $8 Billion
United Site Services $568.32 Million
National Construction Rentals $99.33 Million
Andy Gump $32.72 Million
Honey Bucket $24 Million
Service Sanitation $22.73 Million
Spivey Rentals $16.49 Million

Source: Thomasnet

Restroom Types and Their Costs

Online toilet rental businesses rent out the following types of portable toilets:

Restroom Type Rental Fee (Per Month)
Standard Toilets Approx. $100 – $200
Deluxe Toilets Approx. $200 – $300
High-rise or Roller Toilets Approx. $150 – $250
Crane Hook Toilets Approx. $150 – $250
Toilet Trailers Approx. $500 – $2000
  • Standard Toilets: These toilets are the most common rental toilets that are found in places such as concerts, events and public parks. They are the most cost-effective and do not have individual sink units.Rental Fee: Approx. $100 – $200 per month
  • Deluxe Toilets: Deluxe toilets are an upgrade over the standard toilets with better value. For example, they are more spacious, come with sinks, mirrors, proper coat hangers, shelves, anti-slip surfaces and even diaper changing stations.Rental Fee: Approx. $200 – $300 per month
  • High-rise or Roller Toilets: These are most commonly rented at construction sites or where there is a constant need for relocation. High-rise or roller toilets are built over a platform with two wheels so that they can be pulled or towed to any desired location.Rental Fee: Approx. $150 – $250 per month
  • Crane Hook Toilets: Crane hook toilets are used for working on heights such as tall buildings, where there is no ground to place toilets. These toilets are built with strong steel beams to withstand the gravitational pull from tall heights.Rental Fee: Approx. $150 – $250 per month
  • Toilet Trailers: Also known as towable trailer toilets, these toilets are built as stalls in groups of four, six, or eight on the top of a towable trailer. Depending on the requirement, a toilet trailer stall can be both standard and deluxe toilet. While, the overall rental fee for these types of trailers is on the high end, it is still less than the rental fee for four to eight standard and deluxe toilets.Rental Fee: Approx. $500 – $2000 per month (depends on size and number of stalls installed on the trailer)Other secondary rental toilets that can be rented out on a toilet rental website are:
    • Handicapped or ADA compliant toilets
    • Solar powered toilets
    • Baby changing stations
    • Shower stations

The rental fee of these toilets can range from $100 – $400 per month

Why Go Online with A Rental Software?

Going online ensures toilet rental businesses rapid adaptation to the consumer dynamics in today’s digitally-aggressive world. To fulfill the urgency and digital requirements of customers, this business adaptation includes the development of online customer touch points such as websites and social media business profiles. Doing so empowers businesses to reflect their ability to tackle and resist several business complexities, most importantly, the ones created digitally.

We have further classified the benefits of launching a toilet rental website below:

  • Branding

Big brand names resonate in reliability and trust. Their products sell, not only because of quality but also because of having an accountable identity. But, branding works differently in B2B scenarios where having a reputable brand image identifies as being a credible source to build long term relations and conduct business frequently.

  • Reduces Manual Inputs and Management Costs

Numerous online businesses charge their customers a convenience fee for eliminating the tiresome groundwork to find reliable businesses. This elimination has streamlined business operations by reducing interaction and manual inputs significantly, also implying lower management costs and true convenience for customers.

  • Automated Invoicing

Surfacing from the previous point, reduced manual input means more automation. In the toilet rental industry where invoicing is a problem because of the complex pricing structures and orders, automation becomes an imperative, bringing both time and precision to the business. 

  • Easy Upselling

The traditional approach to upselling deteriorates the customer experience as the executives often end up resorting to hard-selling and maintaining involuntary communication with the client. This affects the brand reputation and eventually results in poor conversions. The internet offers a seamless customer experience where upselling opportunities tend to have a higher degree of success. 

  • Data Collection and Analysis

Understanding customer buying signals (or renting in our context) to draft actionable business plans is possible on a website with the help of data collection and analysis tools. In the traditional approach, a business owner would have to conduct manual surveys which is not feasible nor advisable in modern days. 

  • Competitive Advantage

Last but not the least, having a strong online presence along with the option to book rental toilets in a few clicks will also give the business owner a competitive advantage.

Rental Software to Support Diverse Toilet Rental Operations

Important Features on a Portable Toilet Rental Store

Entrepreneurs interested in developing a website for their toilet rental business should look for the following features:

Basic Features

  • Booking Calendar: To help customers select the rental dates and get an accurate invoice for their booking. For the business, a booking calendar also assists in billing automation.
  • Inventory Management: To add, edit or remove listings and manage their availability/quantity for the store.
  • Order Management: Get order updates, view completion status, customer details, cancellations and payment info.
  • User Management: To view signed up user accounts, their order history, and perform actions like message, send notifications, and block or delete user profiles. 
  • Delivery Management: To add/update delivery partners, create custom shipping labels, set pickup addresses, view completed jobs and check per partner delivery rates.
  • Content Management System (CMS): To manage web pages, blogs and other content sections such as banner images, home page slider, and more. With the help of a CMS, business owners aren’t required to write a code to perform all stated operations.
  • Analytics and Reports: To derive statistical data on attributes like number of bookings, conversions and top performing products. Business owners can also sort the data for monthly or quarterly analysis.

Advanced Features

  • Rental Security Management: To deduct reimbursement in case of any damages and collect late cancellation/return charges.
  • Product Inspection: To allow customers verify the condition of the rental toilets at the time of delivery. This feature will prevent any future disputes and also help in building trust and business relations. 
  • Late Cancellation/Return Charges: These features are required to recover processing costs and losses due to late return.
  • Rental Add-ons: To upsell complimentary products and services such as insurance, hauling trucks, sanitation supplies, weekly cleaning, maintenance personals, free reallocations, and more. Watch this video to know how rental add-on functionality works in online rental software.
  • Resource Management: To allocate and reallocate manpower at different client sites.
  • Rental Agreement Management: Every toilet rental business can have its specific terms and conditions and it is important to ensure that the customers read them. Rental agreement feature along with an eSign tool will help business owners specify their respective terms and conditions. 
  • Marketing and SEO: These features include meta description customization, slug customization, discount coupons, loyalty points, email management, social media profiles and social media sharing buttons.

Launch your Restroom Rental Website with Yo!Rent

Yo!Rent is a next-gen online rental software developed by FATbit with prominent rent-centric features, including the majority of those stated above. It is developed considering all the business perimeters that apply to a rental business while adapting an online business model. Thus, by removing every-day troubles and automating everyday processes, Yo!Rent simplifies conducting online rental operations for entrepreneurs and existing business owners.

Perks of Choosing Yo!Rent:

1. Fully Customizable

Many entrepreneurs feel that off-the-shelf business solutions are not cut out for them. Nevertheless, it is also not false that a readymade solution can fail to fulfill each and every business requirement. For this purpose, Yo!Rent is fully customizable to support more features and modules as per your business requirements.

2. Fully Scalable

Scalability issues in business solutions create problems when the solution is unable to adapt to business growth. As a result, business owners feel the need to migrate to another solution (or upgrade their subscription package in terms of SaaS solutions).

Being a fully scalable solution, Yo!Rent supports unlimited product listings, visitors, user profiles, admin profiles and transactions. Yo!Rent’s scalability makes it an ideal solution to accommodate business growth and is suitable for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business from startup to enterprise level without feeling the need to migrate to another platform.

3. One Time Cost

Yo!Rent is available at a one time cost to all entrepreneurs. As a result, it is comparatively more cost-effective than both scratch development and SaaS solutions in the long run.

To elaborate, the scratch development method is already costly because of hourly-based payment. On the other hand, SaaS solutions come with recurrent payment along with a separate transaction charge. For example, if the lowest SaaS subscription is available at $100 per month + 5% transaction charges, then the monthly recurring fee for a business owner with a monthly turnover of $2000 would be $200 per month instead of $100 ($100 subscription fee + 5% transaction charges.)

See below for complete calculation

Subscription fee = $100
Total monthly transactions = $2000
Total monthly recurring fee = Subscription fee + 5% transaction charges = $100 + (5% of $2000) = $100 + $100 = $200

4. Multilingual

The increasing immigration in the west calls for a multilingual solution to deliver an equally smooth customer experience to immigrant business owners. Yo!Rent comes with multilingual support to provide this experience.

Instead of using a translation service, Yo!Rent allows business owners to upload multi-language tags for each and every product listing. This brings precision in language translation with negligible rate of error. To support multi-currency payment, Yo!Rent comes with a wide range of payment gateway options.

5. 20+ Payment Gateways and TPI Support

To provide business owners with their most preferred payment gateway portal, Yo!Rent is pre-integrated with all popular payment gateway portals like CCAvenue, PayUMoney, Amazon Pay, Citrus and more. It also supports numerous business tools like Google Maps, Google Analytics, MailChimp and AfterShip that entrepreneurs can integrate into their software

6. One Year Free Technical Support

To resolve any technical issues that may arrive after software implementation and hinder the online business, Yo!Rent comes with one year of free technical support. This support is liable to the company’s terms and conditions.


Restroom rental is a unique industry with its very own set of challenges. If rental software is able to streamline any of the operations and bring resilience to your business for overcoming those challenges, then it is worthy of consideration. However, there should also be an appropriate approach to select the rental business software. Some of it starts from shortlisting a few software and reaching out to their executives for demos. Discuss your business requirements with the software provider once and then see how they can help.

Online Rental Industry Report 2022- 2027

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