What you Should Know Before Going for Mobile App Redesign?

What you Should Know Before Going for Mobile App Redesign?

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Solutions that were once thought of as state-of-the-art have become obsolete with the advent of new technology. Nobody likes to dress up in old-fashioned clothes and if you do so be prepared for some major criticism from your friends.

The same is the case with mobile apps. If a mobile application is still running on old user interface (UI) design practices, then be prepared for some criticism from your users as their expectation is constantly evolving.

Creative designers are constantly working on bringing ease to get more engagement. And if an existing design is not working the way you expected, then it is time to move on and consider redesigning your mobile app.

A mobile app redesign is not an easy undertaking. You need to figure out multiple aspects like ongoing trends in app design and a clear idea of the app’s layout. The entire process can turn out to be chaotic if you do not enlist the help of a proficient mobile app redesign company.

You must find a way to maintain your app’s unique value proposition (UVP) while incorporating a brand new design. And then there is the age-old question at play — When to go for an app redesign? — If you are a business owner, you have asked this question at least once.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will make the process easier for you by explaining the when and how of redesigning your mobile app.

In this blog post, we will help you find the answer to the following questions:

When to Redesign your Mobile App?

Is your mobile app not generating the same revenue as it used to when you first launched it? Do you find your competitor’s mobile app design better than yours? Or are you not sure about redesigning your mobile app? Let us answer similar questions by explaining when you should go for a mobile app redesign:

On the On-set of Rebranding

If your company has gone through a major rebranding it is a good idea to do the same with your mobile app. Creative designers should retain the functionalities and just focus on syncing the aesthetics with the brand’s new vision. For example, Microsoft has undergone several logo and color changes ever since its inception. In such a scenario your app will have to go through a similar transition and adopt new colors in its design.

To Stay Competitive

Once a mobile app is launched, it only takes a while before rival apps pop up. While many are rip-offs, some competitors offer modern layouts and user-friendly interface. If you find yourself in this situation then you must improve your mobile app and consider redesigning it to adapt to the modern-day trends.

To Improve the User Experience

If users are removing your mobile app after using it for sometime, chances are that mobile app redesigning might help.

When Reaching Out to a New Audience

If you are trying to penetrate a new market then you must understand its audience in detail. To attract a certain type of demographic, you would need to work on a myriad of factors like design elements, color psychology, and usability to cater to the needs of the new users.

To Overcome App’s Dwindling Popularity

You must address the user grievances, identify the pain points from negative feedback, redesign your app to resolve these issues to regain your app’s popularity.

These are some of the scenarios that call for an immediate mobile app redesign. Now that you have an idea about ‘when’ to redesign your app, it is time to address the ‘how’ part of the equation.

Important Tips that can Help you Develop the right Mobile App Redesign Strategy

Listed below are some useful tips that will help you figure out the right design strategy for your mobile app. Let’s take a look:

Start With Why

Determine the reasons behind the redesign. Your reasons can be among the ones listed earlier or a unique one. Assess your situation carefully before moving forward.

Get a Statistical Perspective

Take a close look at the analytical data from tools like MaxPanel, Loyalytics, and Flurry to determine your course of action. Find out when your app was deleted, the reason behind it and every other detail you can retrieve before starting the redesign process.

Listen to User Feedback

Analyze user feedback through reviews, emails from the users, and App stores. Identify the problems faced by them. Listen to what they are trying to tell you. If there is a single negative review among 100 positive reviews, then you can relax. But if it is the other way around then it is time to take action, even the smallest of issues like font size, poorly placed input fields, and large size images can be detrimental to your app if not fixed in time.

Analyze the Competition

We have already discussed that it is important to stay on par with the competition. Competitor analysis is a good place to start the redesign process.

Optimize According to Platform Guidelines

If your app design was first built before 2013 then it is likely that it needs to go through redesign. Platforms like Apple App Store and Android Play Store have a different set of guidelines that the developers must adhere to. Study the platform guidelines and policies and optimize your UI accordingly.

By adhering to the aforementioned tips, you will be able to create a strong concept for your app that can get your brand’s message across to the users. Designs with substance will attract more users and as a result, revenue will follow an upward trajectory.

What are the Best Practices for Designing a Mobile User Interface and User Experience?

For Mobile User Interface Design:

Optimize for Different Screens

Optimize your content for different screen sizes and make sure that users can see the content without zooming or rotating the device horizontally.

Touch-gesture Control

Have custom-designed user interface elements for interaction through touch gestures. These should be easy to control and of a size that can easily be tapped with a finger to make interactions with the app.


 Your text should be legible (recommended size – 11 points) from a distance without having to zoom. Additionally, avoid text overlapping and keep the text clear through spacing.

Image Usage

Do not spoil the aspect ratio of images when optimizing them for the app to avoid distortion.

Contrasting Colors

Choose the color scheme wisely. Have enough contrast between different elements like background and text.

Well-Organized Layouts

All elements like images, action buttons, text, and more should be organized in a well-aligned and easy-to-use layout.

For Mobile User Experience Design:


Delivering an engaging user experience is of paramount importance and every step in creating it should be backed up by solid research and statistics. Research helps you to understand what the users want and thus, you should spend some time and money on it before diving into creating wireframes, prototypes or mockups.

Minimalist Approach

One of the leading trends today — minimalism — is they key behind clutter-free interfaces. Minimalistic designs display each element clearly and make the app easier to use. Start by prioritizing a single action on one screen and see the difference.

Less is More

Before adding information on a single page, define the objectives — start with the why — and prioritize the sections that need to be present on that page. Put in some effort to deliver a pleasant experience to the user through an intuitive interface.

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Wrapping Up

Redesigning your app is one of the many ways to ensure that the app performs at an optimal capacity and serves as a way to improve your brand’s bottom line. Take the reigns of the creative process and hire a custom mobile app development company like FATbit to redesign your mobile App. Analyze, experiment, and deliver an excellent user experience for a highly-profitable app-based business.

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