FATbit Technologies Gets Recognised in Clutch’s Top 1000 Global Companies List for 2021

FATbit Technologies Gets Recognised in Clutch’s Top 1000 Global Companies List for 2021

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It’s an exciting time for anyone working in the e-commerce domain. The industry is ripe for innovation and growth. FATbit’s two flagship solutions: Yo!Kart, an e-commerce marketplace solution, and Yo!Coach, an online tutoring & consultation solution, have seen rising demand in recent months. We continue to enhance our product offerings through collaborative dialogue with our clients and prospects.

We’ve recently had the privilege of being recognized as one of the top 1000 global companies on Clutch, and their research shows that we’re one of the leading branding agencies in India. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews.

Every year, Clutch highlights its highest-ranking firms across the globe. The Clutch 1000 Awards recognize companies’ commitment to building their expertise, providing stellar customer service, and producing high-quality results for clients. The Clutch 1000 awards are only granted to the top-performing B2B companies, so we’re incredibly pleased  that Clutch has recognized our merit and high quality work.

“It’s quite satisfying to see FATbit get featured on Clutch’s top firms in the world. It goes to highlight the progress we’ve made over the years in both our service offering and industry as a whole. We remain committed to designing user-centric solutions that simplify how businesses connect with their customers. We hope the recognition received here would give our company greater coverage to reach new and exciting business prospects.”
– Manish Bhalla, CEO & Founder, FATbit Technologies

While Yo!Coach and Yo!Kart shone brighter than ever in 2021, other eCommerce solutions particularly Yo!Rent, Growcer and Yo!Yumm also performed reasonably well in a pandemic-stricken passage. All these ecommerce solutions saw release of new versions to incorporate features and functionalities that best capture the present needs of eCommerce businesses around the world. Our achievements can be best explained by the successful launch/run of these online platforms: 

UNI Diamonds – B2B Diamond Trading Platform 

Voyij – eCommerce Marketplaces For Travelers & Local Businesses

WTutors – Online Learning & Teaching Marketplace 

Craviors – Online Meat Kit Ordering Platform 

Panvia – Online D2C Grocery/Farm Produce Marketplace.

We continue to lend our support and expertise to entrepreneurs that are at a startup stage but haven’t fully taken their shape yet. Our open source solution Tribe was launched this year to help such businesses take their eCommerce idea out into the real world with virtually zero investment. We firmly believe Tribe will gain more coverage and preference as the eCommerce bandwagon continues to gain strong momentum in years to come.  

We are incredibly grateful for every one of our clients, especially those who took the time to leave us a review on our Clutch profile! Here’s a snippet from one of the many reviews we’ve received so far.


“I appreciated how timely FATbit Technologies was when it came to addressing my concerns. The team showed a lot of promise.” – Micheal Taylor, Owner, Good Stock

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