FATbit Launches Yo-Kart.com – Dedicated Website for Its Multivendor Ecommerce System

FATbit Launches Yo-Kart.com – Dedicated Website for Its Multivendor Ecommerce System

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FATbit Technologies launches dedicated website for its most popular product Yo!Kart – a turnkey solution for startups to build ecommerce store

India based leading web solution agency FATbit Technologies announced the launch of Yo-kart.com, a dedicated website that show cases the features, pricing and other details of its most popular product Yo!Kart. Yo!Kart is a feature-rich turnkey solution for building multivendor ecommerce stores.

According to FATbit’s CEO Manish Bhalla, Yo-kart.com is built with the purpose of educating visitors about this ecommerce platform in a better way. He said, “Yo!Kart is a huge system, with multitude of features and functionalities. For a few months, we have been receiving a lot of queries about this product. That’s when we decided to build a dedicated website so that we can help prospective clients learn about Yo!Kart in a better way.” Yo!Kart ecommerce platform is built with the intent of addressing the needs of current ecommerce startups that most of the existing ecommerce systems overlook somehow.

Over the years, Yo!Kart has gained much popularity and success.Recently, the multivendor system has also been featured in the popular online magazine Inc.com as one of the top ecommerce platforms in 2016. On asking about the reason behind Yo!Kart’s success,the CEO further explained, “A common requirement of startups is to begin at a small cost. But they don’t want to compromise on features, and they also want to scale up eventually as per their business growth. Yo!Kart offers that flexibility to entrepreneurs, which is why it is becoming increasingly popular among startups.” He further added, “If you look at other popular ecommerce platforms, you will notice their price grows with features. Either you will have to compromise on the features or have to pay too much. But such is not the case with Yo!Kart.” The newly launched website provides an in-depth introduction to Yo!Kart multivendor system. It thoroughly explains its various features, packages, as well as features live demos for users, merchants, and admin areas.

Visit www.yo-kart.com to learn more about this innovative ecommerce platform.

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