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Making a queue for buying movie tickets is simply waste of precious time. And if you are planning to watch the most awaited film of the year, don’t even hope to get a ticket. This is where online movie ticketing platforms come in. Online ticket booking platforms are not only covering all major cinema chains but also expanding to offer tickets for events, theater and sports. Such platforms technically run over a ticket booking software, but there are a lot of other details that makes these systems such a success.

Every day, we get inquiries about e-ticketing system clone script since it is a very popular and profitable business model. Therefore, we planned to write this blog post to inform our visitors about site features which make a ticket booking system work. But before that, let’s throw some light on how these websites make money.

Business and Revenue Model

The business model of movie ticket booking portals is quite simply. They help people book movie tickets online, and for every ticket booking, the website charges money. Such platforms also share all the details about the films along with reviews, storyline, cast, and other critical details.

Some platforms also sell theater, event, sport and other tickets to increase their profits. The websites also make money from:

  • Website ads
  • Feature coverage on homepage
  • Special screenings

Time to get familiar with popular movie and event ticketing players.

Popular Industry Players

Movie ticket booking websites are mostly country based. Hence, there is no market leader which interestingly makes it profitable to launch such a platform for a region that presently doesn’t have one. We studied various online movie reservation websites and are sharing only the best examples with you:

  • Bookmyshow
  • Big Cinemas
  • MovieTickets.com
  • Fandango
  • TicketPlease

While these were the popular film ticketing websites, let’s move ahead to look at major site features.

Website Features

Your online movie ticket booking platform must bring unique website features and design so that it stands apart from other similar platforms. We will try to elaborate on the important website aspects and most critical features so that you can come up with modern ticket booking platform:

1. Website Design & layout

The look and feel of the website need to be very lively. Keep the background image changing to highlight an upcoming movie or some event to increase user engagement. Dynamic headers can always be asked from your website design team as a custom add-on feature.

The top navigation should be based on the principles of IA. Most critical is obviously the search functionality.

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2. Official Blog

Blog is an excellent way to stay connected with your registered users. It must talk about entertainment related news and cover movie reviews as well. It also acts as a medium to increase social media sharing and activity. Keep the posts casual to get along with majority of target audience.

3. Mobile App to target Mobile Visitors

Launching a mobile app for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows phone to capture more business is a great idea as well. Mobile technology has completely revolutionized the ticket booking sector and has made possible to book tickets anytime from anywhere at your convenience.

Of course it won’t make financial sense to launch the website and app together. If app-only model doesn’t appeal to you, get a responsive website to capture desktop as well as mobile users. If building on a clone script, go for a solution that promises responsive design.

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4. Social Sharing

Make way for strong online presence with regular updates and content sharing. The content posted on social media sites should be relative and must be based on user needs. Place social media sharing buttons on your site and encourage users to follow.

This is not something very challenging from development point of view. So, get your development team to deliver this.

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5. Movies Manager

For cinema buffs, keeping track of movies, performances and concerts can be tiring. Simplify the task with a Movies Manager tool. Add features to manage seat maps, upcoming movies, screening location, and other critical details. This will turn your ticket reservation software into an advanced online movie ticket booking system.

6. UX Focused Booking

Your movie discovery and booking site should be built with concepts of UX in mind. To make the website user friendly, you ought to plan each website section very carefully. The process to book tickets include:

  • Seat selection
  • Payment options
  • Final checkout

Seat selection should happen in real time and there should be no booking disappointments during the checkout. All the things should be well optimized to increase conversions. Both website and mobile app should rank high on usability (just like Bookmyshow)

The option to save your card details will quicken payments.

7. User Generated Content

User generated content helps in building website credibility. Content shared otherwise might give a promotional look, and many visitors would not trust it. Your platform must encourage visitors to write reviews and share their experience. This will also help others in making a decision and improve their experience.

Provide an option to like or dislike a movie to users with a star or heart icon. Integrate review system with social media to add social buzz. We recently worked on a project where we custom developed a smart social media integrated review management system. Read about it here.

9. Payment Module

Enable payments through debit cards, credit cards, net banking and quick cash options. Create the whole process easy use and highly secure so that visitors don’t hesitate before making a booking through your portal. Highlight security seals on the payment gateway to reassure movie buffs. Popular movie booking sites like FanDango and BigCinemas score in this.

10. Admin Panel

The system should have a highly sophisticated back-end panel with simple and intuitive interface which allows you to:

  • Change Booking settings
  • Manage Reservations
  • Add movies
  • Upload graphic seat maps

This is something that you as website owner will directly work with. So, make sure it brings powerful features and gives control in your hands.

The End, and Beginning

Above shared features make platforms like Book My Show, MovieTickets and Ticket Please market leaders.  But still there is a lot of space for innovation in this industry. If you think your location cane use a online ticket booking system, then, start discussion with an experienced team of designers and developers to help you build and successfully launch a custom ticket booking site.

Think a movie ticketing clone script is a better option? Don’t forget to check the software for claimed as well as above listed features.

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Disclaimer: The Blog has been created with consideration and care. We strive to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite our continuing efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date. We advise - the readers should not take decisions completely based on the information and views shared by FATbit on its blog, readers should do their own research to further assure themselves before taking any commercial decision. The 3rd party trademarks, logos and screenshots of the websites and mobile applications are property of their respective owners, we are not directly associated with most of them.

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i need to make online booking ticket movie website for my project before the end of may. How i can make it the website?can u help me..