Essential Features That Make a Cab Aggregator Click – Clone for Advanced Taxi Booking Site!

Essential Features That Make a Cab Aggregator Click – Clone for Advanced Taxi Booking Site!


There are several platform redefining the taxi experience by focusing on ease & experience. In the last few years, the on-demand taxi booking service has expanded to several countries, creating a billion dollar industry. While convenience has garnered interest, web & mobile technology is at the core of the cab service.

Website platform and mobile applications makes the whole process of booking and payments extremely easy. There are many other unique features that make platforms like Uber and Lyft a hit amongst riders. For entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a taxi hiring clone, we bring an extensive list of features that you just can’t manage to ignore.

Key Application Features

  • Simple, fast and most importantly smart taxi booking app.
  • Easy to use, secure, user-friendly & completely real time app.
  • Taxi booking services needs to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Platform finds customers’ location via GPS and sends the closest available taxi to customers.
  • Tracking and booking functionality for the taxi/cabs.
  • User can Sign up, Login & retrieve forgotten password.
  • Sign up as a Driver, Sign In & Forgot Password.
  • Option to Set Pickup Location.
  • Customers/Passengers can select the desired Car Type.
  • Allow users to Request a Ride.
  • Connects users to a Driver Nearby.
  • Mobile Request Acceptance feature/option for the drivers.
  • Confirmation of identity for both passenger and driver.
  • Customers can find out what their trip will cost before they request.
  • Quick communication between passengers, drivers and shift managers assigning rides.
  • Tap Fare Quote helps to calculate fare on the basis of time and distance.
  • Provides/Presents clear pricing.
  • Allow passengers to split the fare.
  • Allows Cashless Payments.
  • Discount & Promo codes.
  • Customer Ratings and driver feedback.
  • Membership Rewards Program.
  • SMS Messaging System.
  • User friendly admin panel to manage companies, managers, drivers and taxis.
  • Business Analysis & Communication Reports.
  • Social Media features related to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+.
  • Option to Submit a Support Request.
  • Content Management System along with Help Center.
  • Blog & FAQs listing.
  • Email Notifications & Alerts.
  • SEO Friendly URLs.

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Rider App Features for iPhone & Android

  • Easy Registration that enables users to register and use the app.
  • Users can request a ride with the push of a button.
  • Cab/Taxi Type can be selected with ease by providing details of budget & number of passengers etc.
  • Google Places and Maps are used as an indicator for pickup and drop off points.
  • Users can calculate the fare easily using this app.
  • Option to compare rates for different rides/options.
  • Option to accumulate multiple pickups.
  • Secure payments through PayPal or any other one payment gateway of your choice.
  • Auto payment feature allows user to register their cards and automate the payments.
  • Order/Payment Receipt is mailed to the passenger instantly.
  • GPS is available to locate passenger’s current position.
  • Easy to use real-time tracking system.
  • Ability to check/identify drivers and their progress to users’ location.
  • App can also contain Analytics features along with stored invoices that enables tracking of payment.
  • Notifies users once their driver arrives so that they can wait comfortably indoors till the car reaches.
  • Option to see Service Providers’ Rating. Users can also review driver.
  • Facilitates Chat to communicate with drivers
  • Users can set up and manage their accounts through following features:

– Account Overview & Update Profile.
– Share/Choose Location.
– Promo Code.
– Select Car/Taxi Type.
– Send Request.
– Book Taxi/Cab.
– Contact Driver.
– Fare Quote.
– Split Fare.
– Share ETA (Estimated Arrival Time) with friends.
-Change Mode of Payment  *If more than 1 option is available*
– Favorite Trips.
– Cancel Trip.
– Trips History.
– View Orders/Payments.
– Print/Download Payments Receipt in PDF Format.
– Rate Drivers & Post Comments/Feedbacks.

Building a UX focused mobile application is critical to help riders book cars with ease. So, make sure your cab aggregator clone script and applications are built with concepts of usability in mind.

Features of Driver App for iPhone & Android

  • Drivers make a living by taking riders to their chosen destinations.
  • The application helps drivers accept Mobile Booking Requests.
  • Three easy steps to become a driver:

– Get Started: Account/Profile details and necessary documents are required to drive. (Registration and get started steps are done at the website App does not provide registration/documentation feature.)

– Get the App: Install the app after account approval

– Start Driving: Set your own schedule & start earning money.

  • Option to Choose your Location.
  • Drivers can accept or reject a request sent to their phones.
  • Drivers can keep a tab on the number of requests they have accepted and other details related to the service.
  • Provision for drivers to add the metered fare in the app.
  • Allow drivers to view & manage their account area features/options like:

– Dashboard Summary & Statistics.
– Driver Authorization & License Documents.
– View/Edit Profile.
– Assigned Taxi/Vehicles.
– Set Availability Status.
– Trips Request.
– Accepting an Order.
– Navigate to Destination.
– Interaction with Trip Supervisor/Manager.
– Orders Monitoring & Completion Status.
– Order History.
– View Past Trips.
– Transactions & Earning.
– Live Chat Support to users.
– SMS Alerts & Notifications.
– View Ratings & Feedbacks/Comments from users.

Other Key Features

  •  Dashboard: Quick/Brief Summary of Company Managers, Drivers & Taxis.

– Free & Unassigned Taxis listings.
– Free & Unassigned Drivers listings.

  • Dashboard Latest Updates.

– New Drivers Registration.
– New Trips Requests.
– New Bookings.
– New Orders/Payments & Invoices.
– New Company Transactions Logs.
– Drivers Earnings.
– Company Revenue/Balance & Earnings.
– New Ratings & Reviews/Comments for Drivers.

  • Manage Company Account Info & Change Password.
  • Manage Company Managers.
  • Company Managers are allowed to view & manage following features/options like:

– View Statistical Reports related to all Drivers and Taxis.
– Manage Taxis along with Features & Availability Status.
– Manage Drivers & Set their Status.
– Manage Users Trip Requests.
– Ability to Assign Taxis to Drivers.
– View all Trips of their Drivers.
– View Trip Orders & Invoices.
– Managers can view their Transaction Logs.
– View Ratings & Comments to Drivers.

  • Manage Company Drivers along with Availability Status.
  • Manage Company Taxis along with Availability Status.
  • Manage Trip Requests.
  • Mange Trip Packages.
  • View/Manage Passengers List for Orders/Bookings.
  • Manage Promotions.
  • View Company Transactions Logs/Details.
  • View Funds Withdrawal Requests.
  • View Drivers Payments/Transactions & Earnings.
  • View/Manage Drivers’ Ratings & Reviews.
  • View/Manage Orders/Payments & Trips Invoice.
  • Company Payments & Earnings Summary/Report.
  • Company Reports & Analytics.
  • Manage Company Settings.

Above features are extremely critical to build a driver base that can help you expand your car booking service. So, make sure your taxi hiring clone script includes all of them.

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Super-Admin/Master-Control Panel Features

  • Dashboard Latest Updates.

– New Companies/Partners.
– New Customers/Passengers.
– New Drivers & Taxis.
– New Trips Request & Bookings.
– New Orders & Company Transactions.
– New Feedbacks/Comments for Companies & Drivers.

  • Site Summary & Statistics.

– Users Registration Graph.
– Drivers Registration Chart/Graph by Company.
– Users Orders/Payments.
– Companies Transactions Chart/Summary.
– Companies Earnings or Account Balance.
– Drivers Earning.
– Site wide Revenue/Balance & Earning.

  • Update Administrator’s Account/Profile & Change Password.
  • Manage Site Customers/Users.
  • Manage Companies/Partners.
  • Manage Company Managers.
  • Manage Drivers.
  • Manage Taxis.
  • Manage Users Trip Requests.
  • Manage Trips.
  • Manage Trip Packages.
  • Manage Offers/Promotions & Discounts.
  • Manage Orders & Trips Invoice.
  • Manage Fund Withdrawal Requests.
  • Manage Company Transaction Logs.
  • Manage Counties/States/Cities.
  • Manage Membership Rewards System.
  • Manage Reviews & Ratings for Companies.
  • Manage Reviews & Ratings for Drivers.
  • Site wide Reports & Analytics.
  • Manage Site Commission Settings.
  • Manage Admin Staff Members with different Privileges/Permissions.
  • Manage Content Pages & Email Templates.
  • Manage FAQs Categories & FAQs Listings.
  • Manage site wide Configurations & Payment Methods/Gateways Settings.

Platforms like Uber have been valued at 18.2 billion and has been backed by investors who strongly believe in its business model. While Lyft is another growing car booking & pooling service that works on more or less the same way, there is still potential for service providers that can bring in unique ideas.

If you are planning a online cab aggregator platform, then, you need a software solution that carries all the above listed features and offers flexibility for future additions. Discuss your website & mobile application needs with experienced team of designers and developers to launch a successful clone.
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