7 Valid Reasons to Redesign your Ecommerce Website: Expert Views


Ecommerce website redesign is one of the complex projects that should not be started without setting prior goals. You must be clear about what you expect to gain out of a redesign and the expectations should be real enough to meet. After talking about the wrong reasons for redesigning an online store in our last post, we are discussing here the actual reasons that call for revamping an ecommerce website.

Follow our checklist of valid reasons to know if your ecommerce business actually needs a new website:

1. You are unable to update the website content yourself

If yes, then redesigning a website is your need. Go for it without thinking twice, if changing products, updating right images and adding fresh content to your ecommerce website make you go looking for your “IT Guy”. Online shops demand frequent changes like adding products, blocking the sold ones or informing visitors about the new deals and offers on particular products.

So, a better idea is to consult a CMS web development company that enables you to update your web page content as easy as updating a document.

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2. Google Analytics is showing high bounce rate and low returns on marketing investment

Redesigning is important if Google analytics tell you the bad state of your website in terms of onsite visitor behavior and sales. There is no space for intuitions in a business, so the decisions regarding user experience should not be driven by your personal choice or judgment. Support them by numbers and if the numbers display high bounce rates or low traffic, then take an action now.

Analyze Google Analytic figures to clearly define the problematic areas of the current website and get a redesign with a focus on removing the existing flaws. Tracking your web-pages on parameters like bounce rate, exit rate, conversions, average visit duration, etc will help you figure out the key problem areas. You can also use some paid tools like CrazyEgg or ClickTale.

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3. Current website does not fit your business objectives & target audience

If the current website lacks competence to serve your target audience, as per their attitudes, behavior and buying psychology, then there is no point delaying the redesign process. To meet your business objectives like targeting a niche or offering custom products, you must own a platform that meets specific user requirements aptly.


For example, the online store featured above targets only the high net worth individuals, so their design plays an important role in communicating the same. Their customer segment tends to share common traits and demands specific treatment. Redesigning can help, if your present website fails to meet those demands and therefore muffs to achieve the required business goals.

4. Platform shortcomings- Does your website lack up-to-date technology?

Are you noticing people visit your site but not buying from you? This could be a case of a website that lacks responsiveness.

Having a website scalability to support your future business is equal to waste and redesigning is the only way to make it useful. Ask these questions to yourself, when the thought of redesigning occurs to you:

  • The website is too heavy and takes very long to load?
  • Is obsolete technology killing your ecommerce sales?
  • Is your website unable to handle the traffic it is getting?
  • Do you have poorly integrated plugins & features on your site?

If yes, then these reasons are good enough to take the thought to next level i.e. recreating your online shop with the latest technology.

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5. You started off with a basic template and now want a custom website

Did you buy a website template earlier due to a budget constraint? It’s the state of many online store owners who start ecommerce with a template initially and find it imperfect to meet business requirements after a while.

Website template is a readymade solution that does not offer uniqueness and restricts business possibilities. A custom design, on the other hand, is more adaptable and brand focused.

For instance, people who buy cheap clones of daily deal or hosted ecommerce solutions are usually left with an unoriginal design and limited features. Your website looks like that of many others and you are confined to a market where you can only compete on lowest price. To switch from a fixed to fully customized platform, you certainly need to redesign it from scratch and get some custom features that give you an edge over your competition.

6. You want to target mobile & smartphone users

If you have a website that does not open efficiently on mobile devices then you are probably missing the share of buyers who are searching for you through mobiles & smartphones. Trying to minimize the website to fit it in a smaller screen size is not enough, as it will only give partial results. You have to redesign and optimize a lot of aspects to ensure flawless mobile compatibility. Optimizing an ecommerce website’s user experience for mobile devices will help you save the investment in a dedicated mobile application.

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7. To reduce your marketing costs

If your ecommerce store costs you beyond ease due to complete dependence on paid marketing then shift to SEO for more economical and guaranteed results. But for that, you have to first make your ecommerce store apt for reaping the complete SEO benefits.

Few people think SEO is a post-development game but in real it begins right from the first phase of website design. So, expecting full SEO benefits later is impractical, if the website architecture has not been planned so that search engines can read them easily. If your current store has:

  • limited options for displaying product information (main content of an ecommerce website)
  • no backend control for optimizing details of product images
  • unfriendly URLs structure

Then there is a lot to do to redesign it. Head for website analysis first and then get it redesigned to fix the errors forever.

Go for ecommerce website redesign if you think any of the above reasons are troubling you and preventing your business growth since long. To make it work, wait for our next post where we will discuss the best ways to redesign ecommerce websites.

You have any other valid reason to redesign your ecommerce website?
Before asking for a redesign, ask an expert to analyze your business website and figure out what needs improvement
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