21 Creative Tools List for Video Storytelling & Brand Marketing

21 Creative Tools List for Video Storytelling & Brand Marketing

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For the most part, your social media marketing campaign relies on visual content. First, there were only images, but as better video-compression algorithms got introduced, videos became an integrated part of the mainstream social media marketing.

In fact, today, video storytelling is rapidly becoming a preferred way for businesses to convey their brand message. If created smartly, videos attract more online users & can bring a considerable boost in your brand’s overall engagement rate.

As a brand or marketer, you should be excited to leverage into this modern marketing technique. But if it seems too much work, be relaxed. Thankfully, there are a numerous online & offline tools, that make it super easy to create, edit, and share videos that allow you to express your brand story in a creative and engaging way.

So, here is the list of 21 creative tools to make, edit & share video content that will enable you to take your brand marketing to the next level through video storytelling.

Before we go through the tools, check out this video created by FATbit Technologies to conveys the brand story in a compelling manner.

Video creation & editing tools

1. Placeit

Placeit is a powerful online video editing tool that lets you instantly create mockups and videos with realistic environment instantly. They have a huge database of mockups templates featuring a range of digital devices to give your original video a professional edge.

2. WeVideo

A cloud-based collaborative video editor tool, which you can use in your browser, iOS & Android device

3. Animoto

Animoto is a subscription based online video editing and creating service that allows you to turn pictures and video clips into professional videos

Watch this video to know how Animoto works:

 4. YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor allows you to combine multiple clips together, trim a clip, customize a clip with special effect, add sound to a video and publish it on your YouTube channel with just one click

5. Telestream

Telestream is a video editing & management tool used for video transcoding, screen-casting, live webcasting, closed captioning and much more

6. Camtasia

A handy tool for screen recording and editing videos to create explainer videos, product/feature demos, etc. Camtasia also offers animation functionality and various effects to make videos more compelling.

7. Ecamm

Their punch line goes ‘We make your Mac life better’. Ecamm is primarily a video call recording app for Mac and works with video calling apps like Facetime & Skype.

Animated Video Creation Tools

8. Go Animate

Go Animate is a powerful online video creation tool with hundreds of drag and drop templates from different industry backgrounds, characters, character customization, and much more. An advanced tool for creating explainer videos.

9. PowToon

With about 30 billion PowToon-created video out there, PowToon is definitely the most popular tool in the animated video category. An ideal tool for creating videos and presentations from hundreds of engaging templates.

10. Common Craft

Common Craft is a paid online video creation tool that allows you to create engaging explainer videos using a huge library of cut-outs (.png & .eps vector images of doodled graphics)

11. Magisto

An awesome video editing tool that enables you to edit your videos into memorable movies with exciting visual effects and by adding music of your choice

12. VideoShop

A fast & easy mobile app to personalize your video with effects such as adding sound & visual effects, trim, subtitles, etc. and share with friends on social media.

13. iMovie for iOS

iMovies lets you create spectacular movies out of pictures & video clips captured from your iPhone or iPad.

14. Prezi

Prezi is a powerful online presentation creation tool that uses Zooming User Interface (ZUI) and displays information with parallax effect that makes your presentations look nothing short of an animated video.

Top Video Sharing Sites

15. YouTube

World’s largest video sharing platform that hardly needs an introduction, but definitely offers more features than you are aware of. Product & business promotion through videos is super easy and most effective on YouTube.
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16. Vimeo

Vimeo is world’s largest platform for sharing & watching HD videos, with over 100 million visitors on monthly basis. Vimeo is more like a community for video enthusiasts to discover creative videos and get inspired.

17. Dailymotion

One of world’s leading online video sharing platforms, Dailymotion provides video-makers across the world with right technology and flexibility to reach a wider audience and stay inspired.

18. Ustream

Ustream, an IBM Company, is the leading service provider to broadcast & watch live streaming videos events across the world. Ustream provides businesses with right tools and technology to make their videos more interactive and reach a wider audience

19. Twitch

For gamers, Twitch is a heaven. It is the world’s largest community for gamers to share & broadcast videos. If your business is into creating games, then Twitch is where you want to be active primarily.

20. MetaCafe

One of the biggest platforms for showcasing short-form videos of different types, Metacafe offers custom creative solutions for businesses to enable them to integrate their brand into the entertainment experience.

21. Vine

Vine is a short-form video sharing service that allows you to share upto 6-second-long looping video clips. The service has over 200 million active users. If you have something short and engaging, choose Vine.

Here in this post, we have covered all the popular tools, so that you won’t have to look anywhere else if you are serious about including videos in your online marketing campaign. And hopefully, after reading about all these tools and what you can do using them, you would be all excited to dive into video storytelling.

If you need ideas & tips for creating engaging videos for your brand, you can consult with our experts anytime

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Contribution: Research and planning by Sandeep Thakur.

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