20 Online Store Engagement Tips & Ideas from Top Fashion Brands

20 Online Store Engagement Tips & Ideas from Top Fashion Brands


Do you think your online fashion store will succeed because you have a great collection of products? Well, it’s time to wake up because everyone is more or less selling the same stuff! Success in lifestyle business no longer depends on just products. You need to think beyond quality products to make shoppers fall in love with your brand. This is exactly where engagement comes in.

From big ecommerce stores to small lifestyle startups, everyone is busy evolving unique ways to hook visitors. But you don’t need to do the same if you own a lifestyle store dealing in clothes, shoes and accessories. All you need to do is read this post, and implement the user engagement ideas best suited to your audience and platform.

So, here is how top online fashion brands and emerging stores are connecting with their audience and making them stay once they land on the website:

1) Guest creatives and interactions

People who truly follow fashion love to read and learn about influencers, creatives, designers, and opinion makers. Besides clothes and accessories, they also want to know the idea behind unique creations. Online brands out there are catering to such fashionistas by hosting guest artists on their platform. Renttherunway is a brand that has mastered this feature.

Traffic and sales increase ideas tipsTo go a step ahead, you can host Twitter AMA related campaigns to add more personal appeal to the whole idea. This is something that can be followed long term.

2) Model and celebrity interviews

Designers, fashion critics, and bloggers have a niche audience but beauties from glamour world have mass appeal. Featuring personal interviews and life stories of popular models, style icons and emerging film celebs can help you capture their followers and engage them. Drop Dead is a brand that caters to young-artistic audience and uses interviews for engagement.

Ideas repeat visitors and buyers siteThe brand doesn’t presently use them to divert traffic to their products. Various other brands however are doing the same.

3) Blog/Magazine

In online lifestyle business, blogging is caring. And by blogging, we don’t mean just boring posts with plain texts. There is so much more you can do with blogging nowadays. How-to posts, style-guides, beauty tips and fashion news can be covered to capture the true essence of a magazine. If you need someone to reference, then, we highly recommend TopShop.

Fashion store website engagementIf you think just writing a post every now and then will generate traffic and boost engagement, then, you are on thin ice, my friend. Blogging is real hard work. So, start when you are ready.

Start your own blog to keep your customers engaged

4) Stylist pages

Internet has empowered everyone to put their thoughts and ideas in front of the world. While doing the same, some manage to create an impressive following. There are ecommerce brands out there that have partnered with such influencers and given them a bigger platform to share their insights and lend advice. ASOS is doing a great job at this.

Fashion site engagement tips strategyBrief introduction, stylists’ social feeds, and interaction related features can play a key role in making Stylist pages successful.

5) Offline catalogue

Offline catalogues may sound weird at a time when even wrist watches are powered by internet but they make perfect sense. Season, occasion, and festive catalogues can be dispatched to interested users. Problem-of-plenty is a harsh reality in online shopping and by adding this feature, you can handle that really well. Crew Clothing Company uses this tactic.

Top brands store engagement ideasThe best thing is that you don’t need a big website investment to integrate this. Just a small form to collect shipping address will do.

6) First order discounts and cashback

Tell us the name of the woman who doesn’t love discounts and we will tell you the meaning of life. First order discount is a smart way to encourage new visitors for placing an order. It is also an opportunity to show them how quick you can be with the delivery part. If you made an impression, they will come for more. UK based online store, Very is doing this.

Online store women engagement ideas strategy

However, you need to go beyond one time discount to make the thrifty ones stay. Cashback is a great way to make people shop again and again from you.Paytm, India’s popular mobile payment and ecommerce platform has used the cashback model to multiply its user base and gain valuation of $4 billion.

Ecommerce shop engagement techniques

7) Social tagging

Who doesn’t love to flaunt their new fashion acquisitions on social media? Gain branding and engagement benefit from this habit by incentivizing your shoppers. Revolve Clothing is doing this by giving fashionistas the chance to get featured on their fashion gallery.

Fashion store women engagement

The whole process is powered by hashtags. Twitter and Instagram are the obvious channels to leverage this medium. Another engaging upgrade that will not cost you much. So think about opting for social tagging.

8) Shopper assistance

In lifestyle and fashion industry, women are goddesses that ought to be worshiped. And it will not hurt to help the mighty ones to find what interest them. Online stores are walking the extra mile to help shoppers find similar products they come across online as well as offline. Zappos is a brand that has mastered this engagement tactic.

Lifestyle shopping store guide engagement

Now this is something only big online stores have been doing presently for guessable reasons. That said, benefits can be humongous in terms of audience engagement.

9) Instant messaging

We have already spoken about using chat functionality to assist shoppers with product discovery and queries. Brands however leave no stone unturned when it comes to chat. Applications like Line & WeChat are being used by companies to share offers and deals with followers.

Website engagement ecommerce

Unlike WhatsApp, other messaging applications have opened the floodgates of marketing and engagement for brands. So, if you have the resources, then, go for it!

10) Shopping a look

This is the biggest craze in online lifestyle business presently, and if you are not capitalizing on it, then, well we don’t know what you are doing. Look shopping is a simple concept that involves:

  • Models images/videos displaying a complete look
  • Purchase buttons on every item
  • Button to get the complete look

Lifestlye store engagement strategy

Different looks such as chic, retro, formal and casual can be created to appeal to different set of audience. There is good scope of upselling through this feature. Again, an engagement feature that can be integrated without much fuss.

11) Look sharing

Fashionistas love to dispel their wisdom on social media sites. What if you give them a better platform and audience? Integration functionality to create and share new looks on your website itself will help you in raising the bar of ecommerce website engagement. Asos has aced this engagement feature.

Fashion store engagement tips ideas

Images, social media, and tagging can be used to create an impressive look-sharing feature. This will also open another window to display products and generate sales. So, it is not just engagement we are talking about!

12) Flash sales

Sales are so often hosted nowadays that it no longer qualifies as an engagement factor. However, flash sales are something that can generate short term engagement and result in quick sales boost as well. Jabong is a lifestyle brand that used the concept during Indian festive season and hooked the shoppers with its deep discounts.

Traffic generation sales tips fashion store

Hosting a big shopping extravaganza has its share of benefits as well but it requires more groundwork. Flash sales can be hosted frequently for smaller duration with limited collection of products.

13) Social connections

Social media sites have high level of engagement because they help people connect with each other and things they love. What if something similar can be managed with your lifestyle store? There are brands out there that are giving people the power of social by integrating the core features of social media sites. By core features, we mean, Followed, Following, Likes, and Profile Image. Once again, Asos aced it.

Online store engagement traffic sales

Integrating this feature to your lifestyle store will be nothing less than a technical challenge. So, proceed ahead with caution.

14) Curated collections

Fashion influencers are good at what they do but they can never take place of industry specialists. Therefore, it makes sense to come up with curated collections by joining hands with reputed stylists or hiring a dedicated team for the task. Almost every major lifestyle brand has curated collections. We are particularly fond of Zappos’ Editor Picks.

Ecommerce store beginners guide tips

Such collections will help you introduce new styles and catalogue additions.

15) Giveaways

It is hard for lifestyle stores dealing in physical products to think of giving away something for free. But all you need to do is think creatively. Bandier, popular sportswear brand, creates Spotify Playlists for its audience to keep them grooving while they work out.

Ecommerce shop engagement guide

Similarly, sending small gifts or just an e-card on festive occasions can also leave a deep impression on shoppers. So think what your brand is about and plan giveaways accordingly.

16) Competitions and rewards

When it comes to engaging your audience for long duration, very few engagement activities can generate benefits similar to the combo of competitions and rewards. Run interesting campaigns and link them to social media to get wider coverage.Kenneth Cole did something similar last year with its social media driven campaign.

Online shop ideas tips strategies engagement

The campaign was powered by Instagram and generated much hype for the brand. Link your campaign to the sharing aspect and you will get much more brand mileage.

17) Notify Me feature

Products run out of stock all the time. On some occasions, the problem is unavailability of a particular color and size. For such times, integrate the Notify Me feature on your product pages. This will help you update the customer whenever product comes in stock and also increase your database of customer information. Something very simple but highly effective.

Online store engagement ideas tips

Notify Me feature can also come handy to inform shoppers about upcoming collections and designer partnerships.

18) Just-in pages

Do your customers love latest fashion and new products? If yes, then, there can be nothing better than just-in pages to introduce your catalogue additions to shoppers. Brands across the world use this feature to engage their audience and also push sale of newly added products.

Ecommerce portal engagement

Just-in pages require no technical expertise to create but make an effort to enhance their visual appeal by using bigger images.

19) Time based offers

Bars across the world use the concept of Happy Hours to generate footfalls during slow periods of the day. Now, online stores too have started experimenting with Happy Hours to generate more traffic and engagement. Paytym takes the cake for this one too.

Online shop engagement fashion tips

This is perfect engagement method for brands that believe on discounting. So, think hard before deploying this technique to your lifestyle store.

20) Offsite engagement

Enough said about things you can do to improve engagement on website. Now, let’s talk a little about offline engagement. Social media channels are the obvious torchbearers of offsite engagement. Use social platforms to:

  • Share new collections
  • Inform about upcoming sales and offers
  • Publish style guides and helpful content
  • Run marketing campaigns

Similarly, newsletter can also be utilized to keep the shoppers informed. Take a cue from Forever 21.

Estore engagement techniques tips

Launching a lifestyle store without thinking about the engagement part would be like stepping into the rain with a matchstick. Traffic will come, sales may happen but your online store will never reach its true potential.

Want to know why your ecommerce store is not generating sales and traffic? Get in touch with our UX experts and website analysts to unearth website improvements and enhancements that will guarantee better search engine ranking, site performance, and even sales.

Want to know why your ecommerce store is not generating sales and traffic?

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