How to Promote Your Software & App Online?

How to Promote Your Software & App Online?


If you think that simply building a really good software or mobile app ensures success, then we’re sorry to tell you that you are plain wrong. While making software compatible, scalable, and having it well tested are some essential points you simply can’t miss out on, there is an equally important need to brainstorm over its marketing. Without people knowing about your software products, all your efforts in developing them will go in vain. Sad, but true.

There are ample ways to promote your software online; free as well as paid. The roadmap is simple. For free marketing, you need to research and brainstorm a lot on your own. For paid marketing, you need to find a reliable marketing partner, who is committed to provide you an end-to-end marketing solution for online software sales. FATbit here is to provide answers to both of these calls.

What? Free tips first. We heard you.

Free Marketing Ideas & Tips for Apps and Software

Submit it on software downloading websites

One of the easiest ways to promote your software online is to have it available for download on as many software downloading sites as possible. Go for software sites that provide free as well as paid software. Also, spend some time in tracking which sites bring you more traffic, and formulate your marketing strategy accordingly. Software developers with a dedicated website for their products and services can also obtain more back-links with this marketing strategy.

PAD it

Not literally. For desktop applications, creating a PAD (Portable Application Description) file makes their submission on software distributing websites efficient. Today, more than 50,000 software publishers distribute over 250,000 unique application using PAD files. PAD files provide a standard way to distribute software online. It is a machine-readable .XML document, which relieves authors from writing lengthy and informative descriptions for applications. Additionally, webmasters appreciate software submission with PAD files as it allows them to automate the app listing. All PAD submission, specification, and support are handled by the Association of Software Professionals’ PAD committee.

Participate in online discussions

As a part of your research work, find some online forums where people talk about software features, releases and other related topics. But before getting involved in discussions, know that people visit these websites in search of information. Voice your opinion like a subject-matter expert, not as a promoter. If you sound like you are here only to promote your software products, most readers will ignore what you have to say. Besides, some forums may also block you for explicit publicity.

Write blogs, articles and guest blog

Publishing blog posts and writing articles with relevant information is your best shot to expand your reader base and thus, creating customers and clients. But here as well, you need to keep a balance between information and promotion. Present your products as a part of the solution, and avoid
explicitly pitching for its sale. If you don’t already have a reader base then you can promote your software through guest blogging.

Build trust for your software through promotional offers

If you are new in business, then your first goal is to make your audience believe that you are providing genuine software products. For desktop applications, letting people use a free trial version is the most effective way to tell them it will work for them. You can also offer a freemium version of your app with some basic features to tell people what your application is about. This marketing strategy works beautifully for promoting mobile apps. Providing money back guarantee for paid apps, and using software safety badges are other ways to build trust about your software products. Additionally, software publishers with a website can invite geeks and tech writers to write reviews and feature them as public opinion about their software products.

Use social media

Did we forget social media? Absolutely not! Haven’t you heard “Save the best for last”?

Start off with optimizing you Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other profiles. Start posting relevant and interesting information around your new release. Engage your audience by holding contests, short surveys and other techniques. You can also use visual social media like Pinterest and Flickr to give people an idea about the look and feel of your software and what to expect from your new release. If you are launching a mobile app then social media is your primary target, since your target audience is smartphone users. Get expert advice to promote your mobile app on social media.

Paid Marketing

Technology is evolving at lightning speed. Amidst this rush, not many developers can afford to spend too much time in promoting their software and wait for results. Instant exposure with long term results is what everyone is looking for and everyone needs. This is where role of professional marketers comes into play.

PPC ads or Google ads

For instant results, nothing works better than PPC (Pay per Click) ads on search engines. This marketing strategy works this way –1) you bid for certain relevant keywords, 2) for these keywords searches, search engines place your advertisement on the top of search results page, and 3) and for every click you need to pay search engines a small commission.

When it comes to mobile apps, hundreds of them hit the smartphone market on weekly basis, hundreds of more the following week, and so on. Here running a PPC campaign almost becomes a necessity, especially if you want to stand the bone-cracking competition of today’s market.

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Opt for affiliate marketing

Promoting your software through affiliates is among the most effective ways to boost its sales. The best part of opting this marketing strategy is that you pay only after you get results. Affiliates, through extensive market research, apply various optimization techniques to attract traffic and give your software more exposure.You can also approach popular tech bloggers with a huge reader base and work as affiliates and ask them to feature your software in their posts.

Affiliates offer services in a number of ways. Some charge you for every click, some for every lead, some for every sale, and some for a combination of any two or all three. Choosing the right combination is crucial here. And this is where you need professional assistance.

Invest in SEO

If you have a business website, one thing that you need to continuously laboriously work upon to boost your online software sales is to have your website optimized for better search engine ranking. You need to continuously add fresh content to your site based on tested keywords, monitor your website performance, improve website design and its usability, and work upon improving your link popularity. Pheew! Sounds like a lot of work. It is, but equally necessary.

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Create an explainer video

Having created an explainer video on your software release can make miles of difference in your marketing campaign. But you need to make sure that your video is more than just an advertisement. It should provide the viewers the information they are looking for. Explore this business explainer video created by FATbit to get ideas on video script. Hire a trusted and creative firm that understands your market needs and put your message across visually in a compelling way. And don’t forget to promote it on various video-sharing platforms and social media.

Get featured on tech portals

Be present where the tech world and IT geeks go to check out latest and upcoming trends in IT industry i.e. tech portals like TechCrunch, GigaOm, The Verge, Engadget, TheNextWeb, 9to5Google, Gizmodo and more. Featuring your software on these portals through articles, infographics, blogs, press releases, etc. will certainly boost the awareness about your brand and products in the tech world. These portals ask for a small commission to feature your software, and often work as affiliates as well.

Hire a marketing team

If you think you can’t spare time and efforts for marketing, which is usual for developers, then hiring a trusted marketing firm can provide you an end-to-end solution. Of course it will cost you a few extra bucks, but in return will save you a lot of time, and will bring more positive results. FATbit, in its decade long presence in internet marketing have come across many firms that have first spent lots of resources and efforts in marketing fruitlessly before finally turning towards a marketing firm. That is why experts at FATbit recommend it is better to have marketers at your side from the very start.

Market needs for different software are different. It is possible that many of above mentioned marketing strategies may not work in every possible scenario. So, you also need to decide the most suitable combination of these strategies by outlining your business needs first.

Naturally, there could be many wrong combinations, but only a few right ones. So, it is better to have professional help in formulating your marketing strategy instead of ineffectively putting lots of efforts and resources on your own.
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