Mashobra Mania: FATbit Takes a Break from Technologies

Mashobra Mania: FATbit Takes a Break from Technologies

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It is a custom at FATbit Technologies to take a break from the routine and embrace Mother Nature every once in a while. 2017 seemed to be a speedy year, and with all the hard work done, we took a retreat in Jim Corbett National Park.

Keeping our tradition alive, the dawn of September 14th saw us all packed and ready for another road trip. This time, the destination was Mashobra, a quaint little town about 15 kms from Shimla, the Queen of Hills.

While blogging on our Mashobra trip, I am sure I’ll be speaking for all of us. One look at all the amazing colleagues and friends, and I could see this is going to be an amazing journey.

The itinerary said we’d get going at 6:30 in the morning. While a few reached on time, the rest were fashionably late, but their cheerful faces were definitely worth the wait. Once all the travel bugs gathered, we had a head count, and we took off!

After a journey of about 5 and a half hours (including washroom pit stops and breakfast break), we got off the bus and started a trek to our campsite, Mashobra Greens.

Camp Mashobra GreensThe Highly Recommended Adventure Club

Once there, it was all about leaving the urban chaos behind and relishing the beauty of mountains, piping hot tea and savory snacks!

Knot InfographicKnot an Infographic In the Campsite’s Dining Hall

At the sundown, it was time for a bonfire party.

Bonfire PartyShalini, AKA Sarpanch Gets High on Paneer

BonfireFire in my heart, Ice in my drink

Among all this bliss and merriment, the tall deodars accompanied us everywhere.

The next morning, we all gathered for breakfast at 9 ‘O’clock. And right after that, we started another trek, reaching a waterfall where all the fun was about to unfold!

Abseiling ActivityNishant Taming the 120 Feet Drop

By the time our adrenaline junkies were done rappelling, we were all called back to the camp for lunch.

After a hearty and scrumptious meal, team FATbit chose to relax for a while. We all have our own interpretations of relaxing, so some took a power nap while others just strolled around. The chosen few got their bottles out!

FATbit TeamThe 9 Jewels of FATbit, the Biggest One On The Right

Now that the instructor was sure that we could keep our food in our stomach, he gathered us for more activities.

Adventure Activity InstructorIntroducing: Kapil, Valley Crossing Expert & Our Instructor

Valley crossing was indeed more demanding than I thought. I presumed the pulley will make things easy. But no, as you cross 2/3rd of the distance, your body weight makes the rope dip. The rest of the climb makes your shoulders work hard.

Valley crossingSee That Incline? Akash Climbed it Brilliantly, Seen Coming Back Here

And our girls, wow! Don’t let the pictures fool you. These girls pack a solid punch and gave many guys a tough challenge.

Adventure Activity By FATbit Team GirlsKrishka Geared Up for Her Turn

Afterwards, it was time for our last bonfire and music night for this trip, and nobody had to be told to make the most of it. While we danced as if there was no tomorrow, the deodars admired our freewill and swayed with us as the cold wind blew.

And thus, our 3 day trip began its culmination on Sunday morning. We trekked back to the drop off point, boarded the bus and headed back to the urban hustle and bustle.

Farewell To MashobraAnd on the third Day, We Bid Farewell To Mashobra

Exciting, amazing, awesome, relaxing, these kinds of words suffice how the experience was, for each of us came back with our own experience. For me, it was a time to reconnect with myself, live in the moment, get high on adrenaline and enjoy the company of great chaps.

If I was to sum up this experience in my own words, here goes:

Friends, colleagues and peers,

We all heartily cheered

We danced like mad men,

As the wood fire seared

The hearts rose high,

Letting loose of all the shackles,

We are back to the clockwork life,

While the bonfire still cackles

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