17 Went So Fast, Eh?

17 Went So Fast, Eh?

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2017 was almost a blur, wasn’t it? 17 was way too fast for many to remember what all did they do the whole year? Luckily, our knack for keeping a track of things always comes in handy. FATbit has enjoyed a year full of goodness, staying busy in making things better for clients and having a great time doing so.

That being said, we also believe in working hard and partying harder. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and we ain’t no Jack. Here’s a brief recap of all the great things that happened at FATbit Technologies in 2017.

But First, Let’s Hear It From Our Amazing Team Members How Their 2017 Was With FATbit!!!

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So, FATbit in 2017…

Yo!Kart V8

Our flagship product, the Turnaround Ecommerce Marketplace Solution named Yo!Kart underwent a major design overhaul. The latest upgrade, aptly named Yo!Kart V8 is fueled with a completely redesigned front and backend. Developed keeping the latest UI/UX trends and user feedbacks in mind, Yo!Kart V8 packs a whole bunch of pragmatic goodies.

Yo!Yumm 2.0

We also launched Yo!Yumm Version 2.0, the upgraded version of our online food ordering and delivery system. And while we were at it, we also decided to go mobile and launch android app for the same!

We’ve Gone Full Blown International

In past 5 years, we’ve increased our reach worldwide, and continuing the trend, 2017 too ended at an encouraging note. We’ve successfully delivered 3500 projects across the world and served more than 67 countries now.

And not just our amazing products, our words are also getting international attention. Our blogs were featured in popular forums and websites such as Inc, The Market Mogul, SEMrush, and such.

New Associations

We saw many new faces join the team FATbit, and 2017 also witnessed our collaboration with Radix, a domain name provider and hosting company. The collaboration has entitled all the online store owners built with YoKart, to get a domain extension that suits their business the most; the .store.

Check this article for further information.

And talking about new FATbit faces, we welcome them all aboard. Enjoy the flight. Drinks will be served in every party.

We Kept Growing 360 Degree

Striving constantly to become a better version of ourselves is what keeps us rolling the dice everyday. Be it the marketing communication training sessions with our Communication and PR Consultant Preeti Parashar or following TED Talks diligently, we don’t miss any opportunity to grow.

And that’s good enough with work, it’s time we talk about all the fun we had this year…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There’ve been numerous occasions when we went absolutely bonkers. Be it work or fun or appreciating our leader, we always go the extra mile to make it memorable and worth it.

Jim Corbett


FATbit Jim Corbet

Bhaiya Sher kahan hai? Sher kab aayega? Arre Madam yahan Sher nahin Baagh hain!!!

(Where’s the lion? When will we see the lion?? Good Lord, there’s no Lion, but Tigers!!!)

Women’s Day

Celebrating the Spirit of Femininity. Because without women, the world would be just, meh.

Blood Donation Camp


Because not all Superheros wear capes or carry big guns. Some of the real life heroes Donate Blood.

Boss Day


A token of gratitude for a leader, a motivator, and the coolest guy to party with.


FATbit Holi

Ek hi dariya neela peela, laal hara, sabki apni apni nayiya, Allah Hoo
(Different people, different stories, one world, and a unison, praise to the lord)

New Floor

FATbit New Floor

Because when business soars to new heights, you need space to accommodate more people.


What’s in store for 2018?

2017 definitely was a year of total bang for us. No complaints, no regrets, just hard work and harder parties! As we bid farewell to 2017 with happy hearts and fond memories, 2018 brings new hopes and aspirations. Looking forward to more awesome work, a lot of motivation from within, and definitely, lots and lots of trips and parties. Because we ain’t no Jack!

The woods are lovely dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

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