Growcer V 1.4.3 Released: Allowing Business Owners to Launch a More Equipped Grocery eCommerce Platform

Growcer V 1.4.3 Released: Allowing Business Owners to Launch a More Equipped Grocery eCommerce Platform

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In times when brand names struggle to sustain, grocery and household essentials have become segments everyone wants to sell. The retail industry managed to emerge as one of the leading sectors, pertaining to improvisations to online sales and delivery. Businesses that provide leverage to offline grocers to set up online channels boomed.

Keeping in-line with trends and staying committed as we are to what we deliver, we have enhanced our online grocery software, Growcer, with features more refined and functionalities more robust.

Since we wouldn’t miss a chance to put across what we gathered from your feedback, the Growcer V 1.4.3 is ready to launch online marketplaces that make a difference.

The Growcer V 1.4.3 is prepped with:

  • Visible alerts
  • iOS secure login enabled 
  • Robust data transport
  • A more search enabled marketplace
  • More UI focussed
  • Enhanced language labels, buyer registration, & COD

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Here’s what’s new in Growcer V 1.4.3

1. The Notification Bubble:

For better communication between the website and its customers, we have added <number> of new SMS & WhatsApp notifications. Users will now be able to visualize the number of unread updates and messages, allowing them better planning of their roles on the platform.

2. iOS Users Get a Secure Log-in Too:

Implementation of easy login for iOS & mac users, giving them a secure environment inside the app. Choices and monthly lists for apple users are now as safely placed inside a password-protected account as for android users.

3. Better Control of Data Transfer:

Import-export of data is now more robust across platforms. With the error logging functionality, users will now be able to fix the CSV sheet being uploaded to the exact cell. This helps maintain the accuracy of product information while it is transported from the seller’s database onto the new marketplace.

4. Quicker Search for Better UX:

Growcer V 1.4.3 comes with enhanced search algorithms for buyers to conveniently find the store and item of choice. Saving on the buyer’s precious time, this feature now augmented will help towards a better conversion ratio.

5. Seamless:

With multiple UI and language label related enhancements, the admin can accurately display his message in the native language on the platform. Appropriate language labels prevent alterations in the message which happened while translating. The stability rendered ensures a better connection between the users within a community.

6. More Convenience:

New enhancements in the COD functionality will make the cash payment option available without a fail.  With quicker and easier payments buyers will be empowered and convinced to spend more time shopping for their everyday needs on your marketplace.

7. Buyer Sign-up Refined:

Enhancements with the registration process for buyers will now bring them closer to their favorite vendors much quicker. An easy buyer’s sign-up will assist them in the purchasing process instantly.

Growcer V 1.4.3 – Better & How:

Every client feedback and testing renders significant improvements where the product is made better and closer to the very reason it was developed with. It is these inputs that render perfection into a product during its lifecycle.

Growcer V 1.4.3 has been made into a better and more polished product with direction drawn from different opinions. Not only have the existing features been enhanced and refined, but certain new attributes have also been included so as to augment the overall user experience.

From a top view, we have done major enhancements in the following web modules:

 1. Import/Export

  • Special Character Handling
  • Data linking 
  • Fixed missing content

2. UI & UX

  • Multiple fixes on responsive display 
  • Fixed alignment issues 
  • Fixed multiple UI hygiene bugs

3. Others

  • Numerous issues have been fixed resulting in Growcer V 1.4.3 being the most stable and tested version.

Concluding Remarks:

Compared to the previous release, Growcer V 1.4.3 is a more sophisticated and mature version, better equipped to bring different types of users on-board, more stable in the overall user journey, and more versatile for a distinguished online shopping experience.

Addressing the needs of the new user, in the new normal, and in times when the transition has become the way ahead, we work towards making a product that connects businesses to their consumers in the best way possible. Our efforts constantly focus on building a much better solution for our clients.

We suggest you grab your version today and let us know if you desire a particular feature that must be a part of the Growcer version you want.

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