5 Ecommerce Trends for 2020

5 Ecommerce Trends for 2020


When it comes to using your business online, you need to consider trends happening in the eCommerce world. After all, these trends happen because they help businesses to establish themselves and gain a profit. The year ahead projects a great opportunity to look at these eCommerce marketing trends for rapid growth.

You can help your business in a variety of ways by considering these eCommerce trends.

  • Identify successful trends and figure out why they succeed.
  • Apply those trends to your business.
  • Avoid unsuccessful eCommerce strategies.
  • Analyze the effects of trends on your business.

Since eCommerce can help out your business, keep an eye on these five eCommerce trends to help you during the year.

1. SMS Campaigns Bringing Better Returns than Email 

A short message service (SMS) can help customers by informing them about upcoming deals or other specials in your store. Text messages work as an SMS that can contact your customers and keep them informed about things. It works as a direct message to their phone, getting the information to them immediately.

Some may question the effectiveness of text messages, but eCommerce marketers discovered that six times the order rates occur through SMS. Due to these direct reminders, rather than email, it increases the odds of your customers seeing the message you send. No wonder why SMS works well for communicating with customers.

With numbers like this, you should consider adding SMS to your business so you can reach out to more customers. This will keep them informed directly and continue to help your business. People appreciate information about businesses, so giving them the option to receive texts helps them to stay up-to-date.

2. Customer Data Guides eCommerce

Customer data still stands as one of the most important eCommerce trends. Since it works and allows people to learn about their customers, many businesses track customer data. This includes purchases, click rates on emails, and similar statistics. This lets businesses know how customers act and when they make purchases so that the business can make adjustments according to their customers’ needs.

Customer trends are more important than ever. They allow your business to learn about your customers and to give them the products, information, and the deals that they want. If you don’t look at data, then you can’t learn about your customers. You need to focus on making customers the centre of your business so that you can meet their needs and keep them coming.

Customer data will always stand out as an important eCommerce trend because of its effectiveness. You learn what works for your business and what your customers react to. You can continue to adjust your business according to their needs and provide your customers with the right services and products.

3. Customizable Products Rides the Personalization Wave

Customers like options and to adjust things according to their needs, so providing a customizable service meets those needs while giving them more choices. While some businesses may worry about the extra costs of customizable products, you can reach out to more customers and get more sales.

Think of it like this: some people may not want everything in a product. Maybe you sell shaving kits, but a customer only wants the razor and not the shaving cream. The customer has the option to only buy the razor. This keeps customers happy, lets them pick and choose, and draws in more customers since they have options according to their needs.

People like to have options,  so when you provide customers with different options, they will go to your business. Think of it like this: if they only want to buy part of something,  or to adjust it to their needs, then they will go to the business that gives them that option. You put your business at an advantage by providing customization options to your customers.

4. Payment Options Reach More Customers

Going along with customization, you can also give your customers different options through their payments. This especially stands true for businesses that provide expensive products that may take a while to pay off. Some people may need to buy something from you, but they can’t afford it immediately, so splitting up the payment in parts works better for their financial situation.

When it comes to payment options, you need to consider your audience and product. Can most people afford to purchase the product immediately or do they need to break up the payment into parts? You should also think about different channels that customers may want to use to make payments.

  • Do they want to buy it through their credit card or a PayPal account?
  • Can we work with checks or any other physical payments?
  • What software can we use to handle different payment options?

When you expand the payment options, you spread the outreach of your business. More people can make purchases from you and increase your business’ revenue. Find payment options that work for your customers and for your business.

5. Subscription Ecommerce Takes Off

Monthly or yearly subscriptions can meet the needs of customers. Many people use subscription business models as a way to get guaranteed money from their customers while consistently giving them customers a service. This works well for some services since this gives them a consistent revenue and their customers continue to receive the service that they desire.

Think about your customers and see if a subscription system works for their needs. You may want to think about these questions as you make a decision.

  • Can my customers afford a monthly subscription?
  • What does my service provide that encourages people to pay monthly?
  • If I start a subscription model now, how will my customers react?

If a subscription service benefits your company, then keep using it. However, don’t be afraid to leave a subscription service if you lose money.

Don’t misunderstand. We aren’t saying that you should not have a subscription model. In fact, many companies succeed by switching to a subscription-based model. However, you do need to think about your customers and make sure that a subscription-based service works for them. If not, you can offer another product through your business that gives customers the option to pay for that subscription.

While subscription models work and can create a profit for your business, you need to decide if it meets your customers’ needs. If it does, then join in on subscription eCommerce. It lets businesses make money, continue to rise, and satisfy customers. Review your current business and see how you can use a subscription service.


As your business enters 2020, you should look over eCommerce trends. By doing so, you can identify changes in the business world and apply those trends to improve your business. You need to innovate and improve to stand out from the competition. This will help you gain loyal customers that keep returning to your business.

While some may be intimidated by all of these eCommerce trends, you can identify one or two, for now, to apply to your business. It’s about improving over time and finding ways to build up your company. Keep at it, look at eCommerce trends, and apply them to your business.

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