Build Product Renting & Selling Marketplace with Yo!Rent

Build Product Renting & Selling Marketplace with Yo!Rent


The evolution of modern households has also brought with itself a new trend, making people utilize items that aren’t used frequently otherwise. Every person has books, appliances which they once bought due to dire need but are not being used daily. Now, people have realized that those items are not just meant to lie in the attic, but can be a source of some extra bucks in the pocket. Every item, new or used, has a value.

Peer to peer renting and selling business model has made it possible for used items to be sold to another person who finds it valuable. In a short span of time, websites like RentTheRunway, Flyrobe, Rentacenter, Furlenco, etc. have become popular; providing huge benefits to both owners and renters.

Business Model of Renting and Selling Marketplace:

  • The business model of these websites revolves around peer to peer renting and selling. The basic working is mentioned in the steps below.
  • Product/service owners can put up old items for sale/ rent on the website.
  • Renters save money by searching for used products to rent/ buy.
  • Rent items for a specific time period and amount of money or buy the second-hand item at a set amount.
  • The website can earn revenue by commissions, featured listing, on page advertisement, etc.

Renting/ Selling website not only generates revenue benefits for owners and renters, it is also a practical way to lessen reckless purchase.

Yo!Rent is a Perfect Solution to build a product renting and selling marketplace

Yo!Rent is the perfect solution for all the entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the growing online renting industry. Yo!Rent is developed as a solution to build a renting and selling marketplace. Yo!Rent has been developed after thorough research and analysis of the market.

Start online rental marketplace

Our team of developers saw the need for renting marketplace as people prefer to rent those products which are unused or not used often. Yo!Rent aims to revolutionize the renting economy by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a swift and solid way to launch a scalable marketplace. Popular B2B software review platforms, FinancesOnline and CompareCamp have bestowed Yo!Rent with their Great User Experience Awards and Rising Star of 2018 Awards.

We are mentioning some of the many features of Yo!Rent below:

  • Responsive design
  • Fully optimized for mobile
  • Fully customizable
  • Search engine friendly
  • Social media features
  • Smart review management
  • CMS management
  • Multi-vendor management
  • Email notification and templates
  • Quick website setup
  • One-time payment
  • One year technical support


The business idea of opening a renting marketplace where owners of less used items can rent or sell their product on the website and renters/buyer can buy it at a less price. These websites have great potential as they can be set up in any geographical area without being direct competition to the conventional ecommerce businesses. If you are planning to launch a renting marketplace, make sure you read reviews, check demos and verify the solution for all the functionalities pertaining to your business needs.

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