Leveraging Analytics Dashboard Through Custom Mobile App Development

Leveraging Analytics Dashboard Through Custom Mobile App Development

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Custom mobile application development can complement your marketing strategy and enable you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to accomplish business objectives. While the business objectives, as well as marketing goals, can vary, key benefits of mobile apps for your business include:

  • Improve collaboration through internal communication
  • Better project management with scheduling and approvals
  • Gather insights by leveraging analytics and business intelligence
  • Employee productivity and task-level visibility

While having a custom mobile app for your business can benefit you in more ways, it’s usage is mostly centered around your customers. A different set of benefits exists that can enable you to gain insights into your business by leveraging the mobile analytics dashboard.

A custom analytics dashboard mobile application can be used by business owners or managers to monitor gain insights on the health of a specific department or entire business. In this blog post, I will discuss the benefits of analytics dashboard mobile apps for different industries.

Benefits of Analytics Dashboard Leveraged through Custom Mobile App

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

Mobile BI is essential for a business owner to monitor important key performance indicators (KPIs) on the go. A business intelligence dashboard mobile app can also enable you to understand insights using data visualizations to reveal the bigger picture, receive almost real-time alerts for relevant events, and more. So, the next time you want a critical business question to be answered, a business intelligence mobile app can come handy.

Gain Insights on Customer Interactions with Custom Ecommerce Mobile App

Ecommerce is the future of how we sell items. According to insights shared by Bain and Company, the road ahead for retailers and entrepreneurs is not going to be an easy one. To establish your online business, leveraging an eCommerce mobile app becomes essential.

An eCommerce app development company enables you to build new capabilities using which you can sell items online. You can also grow your business by making changes in the web and mobile app after considering the feedback from your customers. Other benefits of an eCommerce mobile app include sending push notifications to users for improved engagement rate, increase sales using discount coupons, and more.

Add Value with HR Analytics Mobile App in Employee Lifecycle

Improvements in employee experience are often left on gut-feeling than insights derived from data. By leveraging HR analytics through custom mobile application development, you can improve vital HR KPIs that are applicable on different stages of an employee journey, such as recruitment, performance, skill development, promotion, retention, and more.

By introducing a data-driven approach to strategic human resource management (SHRM), you can evaluate the value an employee is adding to your company. The value can be the return on investment (ROI) from the learning and development program, the financial performance of a specific department, and more.

Analyze and Increase Bookings with Mobile Hospitality Analytics

The hospitality sector has seen unprecedented growth in traffic originating from mobile devices. According to ComScore, seventy-one percent of total digital minutes come from mobile devices. Recent trends have shown that most organic bookings come from smartphones, which makes the mobile app, a must-have for businesses in the hospitality industry.

Investing in mobile analytics can yield significant value for your hospitality business. The insights gained can enable you to throw out the guesswork in customer behavior analysis, adjust pricing considering demand and competition, introduce personalized offers, and much more.

Accelerate Time to Value with Mobile Analytics for Supply Chain

Analytics for supply chain management (SCM) enables a business owner to answer essential questions that can make or break the profit equation. Using the data from your supply chain and converting it into useful information to gather insights is an essential step to keep a close eye on your business.

Ecommerce businesses face problems that can only be solved by using supply chain analytics. I am talking about issues such as a buyer losing trust in your brand due to delays in delivery and more. Finding an answer to such questions may require you to rethink your distribution strategy. Still, such insights are uncovered beautifully in your palms by leveraging supply chain analytics.

Sneak-Peek into the Funnel with Mobile Analytics for Sales

Understanding prospects and clients becomes easier with an analytics dashboard. While your website can provide information 24×7, the same is not possible for a human being. But, you don’t have to be at your workstation to keep a close eye on the sales figure or how the leads are being handled. Here, the analytics dashboard mobile app for sales funnel helps a business owner to gain insights on the entire sales process.

Leveraging analytics dashboard for your sales process can enable you to identify productive sales activities, understand the performance of a discount coupon in a better way, maximize the lifetime value of a customer, know the customer acquisition cost, adjust marketing costs to stay profitable, improve the probability of closing a deal with data-drive approach, and much more.

Build a Trustable Brand with Analytics Dashboard Mobile App for Customer Experience

Providing excellent customer service requires the effectiveness and productivity of the entire team. While the good may not be highlighted but a single bad case might be harmful for the reputation of your brand. To provide customer service that adds value, analytics dashboard can enable you to find hidden patterns, keep track of key performance indicators that are critical to evaluate the success of customer service.

Insights revealed through mobile analytics for customer service can identify the scope of improvements so that workshops can be organized to develop new skills for different team members. By analyzing the insights, you can also understand the happiness level of existing customers through KPIs such as returning customers and the engagement rate.

Keep Track of KPIs Using a Custom Analytics Dashboard Mobile App

Final Thoughts

Analytics dashboard leveraged through custom mobile application development can have multiple benefits for the business owner as well as the manager. A mobile app can enable you to check insights on-the-go, and the insights provide the information essential for you to learn about the health of your business and understand the bigger picture.

To win 2020, companies need to understand the benefits of mobile analytics. Do you have any questions regarding analytics dashboard mobile app? Feel free to share them through comments or book a free consultation session with one of our experts.

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