11 WordPress Security Questions FATbit Developers are Tired of Answering

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More than 74.6 million websites are powered by WordPress technology. Thousands of established brands like Sony and Forbes use the platform to connect with their customers and followers. But even such impressive facts don’t satisfy the WordPress security concerns of business owners and startups planning to use the technology for their online venture.

Our team of WordPress developers has answered so many questions about WordPress vulnerabilities and security issues that we now have 11 most commonly asked WordPress security questions. And we took time to answer them in detail.

Here they are!

Everyone says WordPress is not safe. Is it true?

Around 23% active websites are driven by WordPress. This means it the most popular platform to launch blogs, business websites, and even ecommerce stores. If WordPress weren’t safe, then, it would never have reached such a milestone.

If WordPress is safe, why is there news of hack every other day?

WordPress technology is behind a massive chunk of websites. A single breach introduces hackers to large number of vulnerable websites. This makes it very luring. The same was true for Microsoft Windows before Apple gained popularity.

Security loopholes are part of software lifecycle. This doesn’t mean WorPress lacks in security; it means it is the best in the website development market.

What is the biggest reason behind WordPress vulnerability?

WordPress technology is not vulnerable in itself. It becomes vulnerable when website owners don’t upgrade. A dedicated team and motivated community are working around the clock to improve the WordPress platform. Security loopholes are identified and updates are introduced for the same reason.

The security problem mostly arises when website owners don’t implement these updates. So, the biggest challenge resides in outdated website, themes, and plugins.

Isn’t it enough to use WordPress security plugins?

WordPress is familiar with security challenges, and has come with vast range of security plugins to protect its users. Security plugins are mostly enough if you pick the right ones, update them regularly, and install correctly. However, it is possible to make additional security provisions.

What can you do to protect my WordPress business site from hackers?

Our team of experienced developers adds additional layers of security to strengthen WordPress websites for our clients. By working on file permissions and FTP Access in cPanel settings, we take every possible step to secure WordPress websites created by us.

In addition to that, we also make timely theme and plugin updates to make sure that your WordPress site is up-to-date with technology advancements. This minimizes security risks to a great extent.

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My cousin tells me I can setup a WordPress site on my own. I was wondering if it affects security.

It is not difficult to set up a WordPress website on your own after reading WordPress literature and following steps correctly. However, limited understanding of WordPress Settings and Plugin management can sometimes compromise security.

Businesses that love WordPress for its ease hire experienced WordPress developers for the same reason. If security is of great importance to you, then, go for an experienced WordPress development company rather than experimenting on your own.

What can I do on my end to make my WordPress site more secure?

While most details will be handled by your team of WordPress programmers, there are some security measures that you can take on your own. Make sure your passwords are strong to make it difficult for hackers to break into your website. Custom backend/admin URLs can also enhance security of your WordPress site.

If you decide to maintain your site on your own, please mind when you get a notification about availability of new version of WordPress or its theme/plugin. When you get it, contact your developer. You can update it on your own but this comes with the risk of functionality glitches. Still think you can manage that? Take a full backup and then try to update.

If I do everything you suggested, can you guarantee my website’s security?

No one can guarantee 100% website security. Your website may have the best security measures in place but if servers are compromised, there is little you can do. Even established internet brands and websites of global companies with dedicated security teams encounter security breaches. If a WordPress development firm promising this, then, it is not being entirely truthful.

Will I lose all my data if my WordPress site suffers a security breach?

Provisions can be made to avoid complete data loss. At FATbit, we use plugins to take regular backups that are saved on website and sent on email as well. Our programmers also work on cPanel to minimize data loss and damage in case of security breach. In short, we take every possible step to protect your website and business data.

I need the best WordPress team for my business site. Why should I hire you?

We have been working on WordPress technology for almost a decade now. We have delivered thousands of web projects, and gained recognition for UX & conversion focused WordPress websites that come with enhanced security and premium management.

Besides business websites, we have also built ecommerce platforms on WordPress technology that are helping businesses generate huge profits online. In addition to that, we also offer 1 year technical support to keep your site up.

Can you share some free WordPress security tips and guidelines?

  • Make sure your WordPress themes and plugins come from a credible source.
  • Some plugin files remain in your WordPress site even after uninstallation. Such files can become vulnerabilities in the future. Watch out for them.
  • Use SEO critical tags and files carefully.

To protect your WordPress site from hackers, you not only need to set it up correctly but also spare time for updates and management. If you can manage that, then, get familiar with WordPress platform and start building your website right now! Here is the website link, https://wordpress.org/

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