Growcer Version 1.5 Released: Best Grocery eCommerce Platform to Launch Your Online Business

Growcer Version 1.5 Released: Best Grocery eCommerce Platform to Launch Your Online Business

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Amidst the threshold of omnichannel alchemy, rediscovering, redefining, and polishing the DNA of an online grocery marketplace solution is essential for business growth. By encapsulating client feedback and embracing advanced technology, Growcer has been enhanced to offer radical flexibility to its clients.

With a spectrum of trust and reliability, Growcer has served a global clientele consisting of Pravasi Cart, SuperLivery, RX Delivered, among others, enabling them to do more. Progressing with a poised and holistic approach, Growcer’s new release is an epitome of refinement. Taking an in-depth look, the updates of Growcer V1.5 are listed below.

What’s New

  1. Optimized Customer Experience: Growcer V1.5 has been polished to provide an optimized customer experience as it reduces churn and earns loyal and raving customers for your grocery ecommerce marketplace.
  2. Enhanced Checkout Process: The user journey from adding product to cart and then checkout has been enhanced in Growcer V1.5, leading to an increase in your grocery marketplace’s cart conversion.
  3. Optimized Buyer App API: In Growcer V1.5 web version, changes were done to the buyer app API for improved response speed.
  4. Updated Database Structure: Growcer’s database has been restructured to increase the interaction speed. This has resulted in an optimized display of front-end data with better performance and page-loading.
  5. Enhanced Reward Point Distribution Functionality: With enhanced reward point functionality, Growcer V1.5 is equipped to handle complex cases. Thereby, encouraging users in referring and earning reward points and strengthening their loyalty towards your grocery ecommerce website. 
  6. Enhanced Search Logic: With this functionality, search by an admin for user details becomes simple. By entering phone numbers, usernames, and email id, user details on your marketplace can be fetched easily.
  7. Improved Inventory Functionality: Good inventory management leads to an overall efficiency of a grocery store. With this functionality, data migration from other platforms becomes smooth and onboarding becomes easy. Employees also get an added flexibility to dedicate their time to other tasks, instead of monitoring inventory alone.
  8. New Category Linking Functionality: This functionality aids with grouping similar products under the main category of a product. Doing so, resulted in improved keyword ranking and better conversion rates as the products are easily explored. 
  9. Updated Web-Interface to manage API Details (Android and iOS): The API interface in Growcer has been given a makeover as now the API keys for Android & iOS can be updated from the web interface.

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Improvements & Enhancements

1. Updated Map Functionality on Checkout

In Growcer V1.5, map functionality on checkout has been updated to improve the user experience of a grocery marketplace. Accurate mapping that picks the correct location with an auto-suggest feature saves the checkout time and optimizes conversion rate.

These cover:

  • Input Search Field:
    By using this field, users can conveniently search for addresses on the map. With the auto-suggest feature enabled on your grocery ecommerce business website, the address of a location is picked and filled automatically. If the location on the map is not found, then an error message is displayed below the field.
  • Locate Me Icon (Attached with Search Field):
    This icon is used to locate the user’s current location on the map. A pin icon on the map points to the location and the address of the user’s current location is auto-filled in the search field.
  • Locate Button:
    Locate button is used to find the user’s address to be filled in the search field. With this feature, a pin icon points on the map with the user’s searched location displaying the address.

2. UI and UX (Web)

The UI and UX appeal is pivotal as humans perceive via sight and retain via experience. Improvements have been made to enrich Growcer’s appeal for better customer acquisition and engagement. Improvements covered:

  • Multiple UI Hygiene Bugs Fixed:
    Mobile view has been optimized and the inconsistency issues have been fixed, improving the overall UI and UX of the website.
  • Multiple Fixes on Responsive Display:
    The UI has been made more adaptive for different devices.
  • Alignment Issues Fixed:
    Alignment issues have been fixed making the marketplace aesthetically sound.

3. Mobile App Updates

With new features and the latest technology, Growcer’s mobile apps have been revamped. This provides added convenience for users and helps in maintaining a loyal customer base. Features added and enhanced:

  • Pull to Refresh Functionality Implemented:
    With this functionality, updates that are made for enhancement now instantly reflect on the screens of Delivery & Buyer Apps for both Android and iOS.
  • Dynamic Phone Number Validation Added:
    As Growcer is a feature-rich application, grocery websites built by it can be launched in any country around the world. But the challenge at times is in terms of phone number validation. Developers sometimes apply functionalities that restrict numeric entry beyond 10 digit length.
    The same has been resolved in Growcer V1.5. The admin can now dynamically control or manage the phone length by choosing the ‘Phone Number Max Length’ option from the admin panel settings, thereby providing a global customer experience.
  • Special Character Support Across All the Pages of the Mobile Apps
    Certain special characters that are a part of various global languages such as French, Spanish, and more, are now handled by APIs. These special characters are supported on all pages of Growcer’s readymade grocery apps i.e. Buyer and Delivery Apps.

4. Other Highlights

  • Order Detail:
    Based on our client’s feedback, we have fixed issues with listing multiple return requests of grocery products. To reduce the overhead of sellers, multiple return requests have been standardized in Growcer V1.5.
  • Updates in Sales Report Functionality:
    Multiple parameters have been added to the sales report in Growcer V1.5 to enhance effective sales strategies and forecast business growth.


As it turns out, a lot of customers are transitioning to online grocery stores for shopping. Having a grocery ecommerce platform that is in line with the business needs will comfortably deliver startling results, leading to business growth.

Keeping pace with technology advancements and foreshadowing changes in the grocery retail landscape, Growcer V1.5 has been sculpted modestly with updated features and functionalities for an enthralling user journey.

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