Growcer Now Comes with Interactive Grocery Delivery App

Growcer Now Comes with Interactive Grocery Delivery App

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With the immense popularity of Grocery delivery applications nowadays, customers are moving away from the conventional methods of trolley picking and switching to home delivery instead. Considering the dynamism of the last mile delivery which plays a crucial role in logistics, a grocery delivery app brings convenience to the users and paves a splendid opportunity for traditional grocery stores, tech startups, and SMBs.

When it comes to the execution of the delivery app at the ground level, it is recommended to ponder the skills of the delivery personnel, i.e. if they are well versed with the technology involved, how this delivery app can be beneficial for them as well as the company. By leveraging intuitive designs with simple yet exceptional interfaces, these high-performing delivery apps will gain an impressive momentum that can captivate the interests of the users.

Growcer, being a turnkey software for online multi-vendor grocery marketplace, offers out-of-the-box functionalities for end-customer satisfaction. In an effort to further simplify the process,  FATbit team launched Android and iOS grocery delivery apps. The simplified layout & feature-rich dashboard of these grocery delivery apps will streamline the delivery process, make delivery management easy, super-fast, and that too, on the go.

Let’s gain insights into the Growcer’s features and understand how it has managed to create such an impeccable mobile app for the on-ground delivery agents.

Register with Email

Before using the grocery delivery app and getting involved in the process of order delivery, a delivery boy has to register by filling in essential details like name, email ID and contact number. With a prime focus on security, Growcer offers seamless grocery delivery to its customers with trusted delivery staff.


Log in with Password / OTP

After the successful registration of a delivery agent, Growcer allows the agent to log in to the app as per his convenience and empowers him to stay logged in too. By doing so, Growcer enables the delivery boys to deliver a huge number of orders to the customers’ doorstep as and when required. 


Work as per convenience

Our easy-to-use mobile app helps delivery staff to streamline their delivery processes & fulfillment operations based on their convenient timings. By enabling the agents to work as per their convenience, this innovative delivery app enhances their efficiency which results in the accomplishment of a successful delivery process.

Get a feature-rich grocery delivery platform and mobile apps

Order Analysis

This unique readymade grocery app is designed to increase the visibility of the delivery drivers that could help them enhance their operational efficiency and focus on overall business growth. Before accepting the order, a grocery delivery driver can get a precise and in-depth analysis of the pick/drop points, type of items to be delivered, and the amount of earnings involved. All this is just a matter of a few clicks – it’s that simple!

Approaching seller/buyer made easy

It’s very important to establish direct communication between grocery delivery driver and the seller/buyer. Understanding the importance of this feature, grocery delivery app provides contact information of the seller/buyer along with the order details. With just a single click, the delivery agent can contact the buyer/seller without any trouble. Growcer has been integrated with click to call links for the ease of the delivery boys while delivering the grocery orders.

Route navigation to Seller and Buyer locations

With the help of our smart and innovative grocery delivery app, the driver can be directed to the map view wherein he can check the exact route to the seller and buyer locations. This saves the precious time of the grocery delivery driver which usually gets wasted while searching for flawed addresses and getting in touch with the sellers/buyers via calls to confirm their locations.


Order Status

Maintaining a continuous communication channel with the store owners is essential for the delivery drivers. To save the effort, grocery delivery app allows the drivers to easily change the status of their order. There are four statuses – pending, in-progress, delivered, and canceled, which delivery drivers can manually select to intimate store owners about the order status.

Order Status

Order Cancellation

Our top-notch grocery delivery app successfully manages delivery related uncertainties like order cancellation. By effective communication with the store backend, our grocery delivery drivers can instantly resolve the issues without any extra effort. Thus, Growcer’s in-built delivery app can help the drivers to smartly manage the life cycle of their order processing.

Order Cancellation

View Earning By date

Being a useful feature that lets delivery drivers keep a track of their earnings, Growcer empowers them to stay on top of things always. The grocery delivery drivers can easily find their earnings by date which plays a vital role in calculating the company’s profitability.

View Earning by Date

Profile Updates

After the profile is created, the delivery drivers can manage crucial details like profile image, first name, last name, email and mobile number under the “My Profile” section. Moreover, Growcer helps delivery drivers to easily keep a tab on their bank account details too.

Profile Updates

Push Notifications

With a focus on user acquisition and retention, this functionality enables the grocery delivery drivers to increase user engagement within the mobile app. By notifying customers about the new offers and discounts in the grocery products, push notification is an effective way that convinces a customer to buy a product.

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As per the reports by CNBC, online grocery sales are expected to grab 20% of the market share by the end of 2025. Thus, it’s the perfect time to revitalize your business tactics by implementing some strategic changes and a grocery delivery app can help you do so.

To help aspiring entrepreneurs leverage the opportunities available in the sector, FATbit has continuously worked on providing better solutions – whether it is the recent launch of Growcer’s upgraded version or these grocery delivery apps. In addition, we will also launch Growcer mobile app for buyers very soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

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