Want to Launch Travel Booking Website? These Script Features will Help

Want to Launch Travel Booking Website? These Script Features will Help


Traveling to places without knowing much about local attractions is a thing of past. With travel research and booking portals, travelers need not to bother much about missing places of interest in their next destination. Travel planning and booking marketplaces are trending in startup world due to their high demand and profitability

If you are eager to build a website that connects travelers with locals in all major tourist cities of the world, this detailed feature guide is made for you. This post explains the business and revenue model of travel portals with unique features. Before talking about the features, let’s first understand business model.

Business Model

The business model revolves around travelers as most of these websites connect travelers with locals. Locals list personalized services (guided tours, fun activities etc) and travelers book these activities directly from the travel site.

unique travel business marketplace busines model

Top Industry Names 

Demanding work and shorter vacations means people need to make most of few days they have, Here are some sites that helps people book travel experiences and discover new ones:

  • Voyagin

    Founded In: 2011

    Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Prefecture

    Estimated Revenue: $3M

  • Peek

    Founded In: 2012

    Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Estimated Revenue: $1.3M

  • Vayable

    Founded In: 2010

    Headquarters: Sacramento, California

    Estimated Revenue: $1.1M

    Building a travel experience booking site with a local twist can be a hugely profitable deal. provided you know how these websites make money.

    Revenue Model

    Usually, such websites generate revenue from two mediums:

    Commission from bookings

    Charge fixed commission for every booking made from the website. To get initial registered users, you can opt for a lower commission fee.

    Customized Trips

    Few websites give customized trips to users where an expert team helps the traveler choose a destination and suggest him the best activities.

    Offerings like airport transfers, accommodation, local transportation, and premium itinerary can also be added to your business.

    Customizing trips for users is also a good revenue generation method. Many travel websites are earning good revenue from both of these monetizing options. Now it’s time to study the website features in detail.

    Website Overview

    Keep the overall website design neat with a user friendly interface. No clutter of images or text should be there as it hinders user experience. Let’s study important sections that  you need to work upon:


    Homepage must clearly state what the site is about. The first fold of homepage should contain a search bar along with names of top destinations mentioned under it. Other sections can include:

    • Testimonials
    • Popular around the world
    • Travel Guides
    • Media and press coverage
    • Footer with social media links

    Top Navigation

    The most important links to add in top navigation are List an Experience, Log In, Sign Up and Request a Trip. Website’s top navigation should be as simple as it can be. Our team of information architects suggests you to go only with the most important links in the top navigation and leave the rest for the footer.

    Let’s move on to more critical features, and see which ones your travel experience booking site cannot do without.

    Features for Travelers

    Travelers are the people who will spend the money on listed tours and packages. Hence, features related to them require special attention. Most critical features on different pages of famous travel websites have been discussed below:

    Search Places 

    A search feature must be provided where users can search for activities and things to do in any city. Main highlights of Search feature:

    • Large database of places.
    • Catchy design and smart labeling
    • Auto-suggestions.

    unique tarvel experience tarveller flow process

    Activity Listings Page

    The page which lists activities/things to do in a particular city must have a crisp design along with:

    • Price of each activity mentioned upfront.
    • A short description about the activity.
    • Number of reviews mentioned against each activity.

    Filter Options

    Filter functionality should be given on activity listing page to help travelers sort experiences by interest, popularity, reviews, price etc. Filters come handy when you have quite a number of activities listed in a particular city. So, make sure your travel portal  brings this feature.

    Activity Details page

    As soon as a user clicks an activity from the listings page, take him to the dedicated activity page. On this page, users will get all the information about the activity. He can choose to book it, contact the provider, and seek answer to his queries.

    A section of related activities can also be added to the end of this page in case the listed activity doesn’t interest the visitor.

    Activity Photos & Videos

    Photographs and videos about the activity can be showcased in a special section. Add a carousel slider where all images of that activity can be seen with one click.

    Insider profile

    Just below the images section, feature activity provider’s information. This section is important as the explorer will want to learn about the person providing this experience.

    Give a brief intro about the provider in the “Your Guide” section on Activity detail page. This info can be fetched from the profile page of the Guide and a link to his “Full Profile” can be given too. Following are the components to include on the profile page:

    • Name, profile picture, and location.
    • Contact functionality.
    • Wishlists.
    • Review functionality
    • Provider verification.

    Though these features are basic in nature, they must be part of your portal as they help gain trust of the traveler. We’ll discuss a unique verification feature for activity providers in the upcoming sections.

    unique travel experience marketplace local guide(Click to Enlarge)


    Reviews help travelers check expertise of service providers. Add reviews section on the activity details page to help travelers choose the right person for their travel plans.

    Pro Tip: Along with reviews, a star option can also be given to travelers by which they can give star rating to the activity and service provider.

    Map Integration

    Moving further down the activity detail page, a special map can be integrated to inform travelers about exact location of the activity. This again is a traveler friendly feature and should definitely be included in your travel site clone. If building on a clone script, confirm this feature for better user experience.

    Nearby Experiences

    Very similar to “Also Check” or “You may Like” section in an ecommerce shopping website, this feature will help you list nearby experiences (activities). More activities can be displayed within this widget.

    Travelers might book 2 or more activities while on their trip in a particular city, and that is the main motive of this section. This feature also enables travelers to share more travel options.

    Save and Contact Option 

    In addition to “Nearby Experiences”, you can add various other attractions to activity detail page, like following:

    • Save: To save an activity in the wishlist for a traveler.
    • Contact User: To enable a traveler to contact activity provider for queries.

    Making a Reservation

    ‘Making Reservation’ feature is the backbone of any travel booking portal as this is from where the company and providers earn money. A traveler can book any experience from the activity details page by providing details like date, time and number of people.

    While some activities have instant bookings, others have to be approved by the service provider.

    Making Payments

    Integrating a secure payment method is important for every ecommerce business, and successful travel businesses understand it well.  The payment process  on your site must be streamlined with a neat interface. Make sure you accept payments from major payment processing firms viz. Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal and Discover Cards.

    Pro Tip: Choose a clone script that comes with multiple payment gateways. Only then you plan to compete with big players like Vayable and Peek.

    Account Menu (For Travelers)

    Useful options should be given in the account menu for registered users. For instance:

    • Profile: Profile page for travelers.
    • Messages: A special inbox for users.
    • Reservations: Section listing upcoming and past reservations.
    • Wishlist: A place for activities marked as ‘Save to collection’.
    • Invite Friends: This is part of a promotional activity where users gets fixed credit whenever their friend buys an experience.

    Request a Trip

    You can add this feature to ask for a customized trip. Few companies are offering tailored plans. These companies make a customized travel plan, which includes the best activities in a particular city along with booking of accommodation, airport transfers, local transportation, etc.

    This feature works best for people who do not want to spend their time making bookings and want everything pre-planned. We suggest you to offer such additional services to the users of your travel experience booking site.

    Give a Gift

    ‘Give a Gift’ option enables users to purchase an electronic gift card. The gift is usually a coupon code which can be used later by anyone. Do not skip the discount coupon feature in the booking and payment section of your clone. This will help you capture price conscious audience.

    Features for the activity providers:

    Offer free listing if you want to attract more people to join your portal. Here are the most interesting features for the actual service providers:

    List an experience

    This is the area where anyone can list an experience of a city/locality. The main highlights of this section include:

    • Fetch basic information of provider, which includes title, location, maximum and minimum number of people, duration, price and other basics.
    • Add photos to the listing.
    • Set the schedule.
    • Complete profile.
    • Bank details where payments will be forwarded.
    • The last step will involve review and publish.

    Some sites give badges of distinction to top guides (activity providers). These badges are showcased on profile to help travelers know that the person is credible.

    • There is a minimum limit of reviews to avail such badges.
    • Offerings from premium users (with badge) should appear higher on the website.
    • Offer perks like free passes, press opportunities, etc.

    Add this feature to your travel discovery clone and motivate travel enthusiasts to deliver excellent service.

    Account Menu (For providers)

    Activity providers should be given complete control on their site presence. Following are important links for this section:

    • My Experiences: Allow providers to see all their listed activities and even edit them.
    • Reservations: Past and upcoming reservations made by travelers.
    • Payout Settings: Bank account details and related information.
    • Transaction History: This section will list monetary transactions.

    Official Blog

    Adding a blog which publishes travel related posts and news on regular basis is a must for travel selling businesses. The presence of a blog is important to reach targeted audience through informative posts and also search engines. Make sure that your clone script comes with a blog powered by an easy to use CMS.

    Here are design & development recommendations from our team of UX designers to build a better travel portal than existing ones:

    • Floating main navigation bar

    Travel and ecommerce sites have overtime opted for floating navigation bar which remains on the top even if you scroll down. This also makes navigation easy and improves user experience.

    • Go To Top Button

    As a travel website lists many activities on the activity listing page, a ‘Go to Top’ button is important. “Go to Top” button will save the hard work that otherwise will be put to browse through the activities and return all the way up by scrolling.

    After hotel booking sites, activity booking sites are the next big thing of travel industry. If you are planning to launch a replica of popular travel selling platforms, then, this is the best time to do it.

    Make sure you buy a script that fits your website requirements and includes all the above listed features. In case you want to launch something unique but similar to top brands, consider hiring an experienced team of designers and developers.


Disclaimer: The Blog has been created with consideration and care. We strive to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite our continuing efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date. We advise - the readers should not take decisions completely based on the information and views shared by FATbit on its blog, readers should do their own research to further assure themselves before taking any commercial decision. The 3rd party trademarks, logos and screenshots of the websites and mobile applications are property of their respective owners, we are not directly associated with most of them.

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