Yo!Coach in Action – From V2.1 to V4.1 (6 Versions in 24 Months)

Yo!Coach in Action – From V2.1 to V4.1 (6 Versions in 24 Months)

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With 200+ clientele in more than 40 countries worldwide, Yo!Coach has emerged as one of the fastest-growing tutoring and consultation marketplace software. FATbit Technologies, the driving force behind Yo!Coach, is already an established name in the industry and has been recognized by international press such as Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., and more for their outstanding performance. 

Yo!Coach outshines its competitors with an overall rating of 4.5/ 5 across various performance-analyzing firms. Top software rating firms, G2, and Capterra have rated Yo!Coach 4.8 and 4.5 respectively, recognizing its excellence. Impressive ratings and client testimonials are a testament to the unmatched services and support provided by Yo!Coach. 

Yo!Coach has firmly established its reputation in the online learning industry by seamlessly addressing the diverse requirements of over 15+ niches. Additionally, to ensure an unparalleled learning experience, Yo!Coach has partnered with renowned industry leaders such as Lessonspace and AtomChat, seamlessly integrating their cutting-edge tools into your platform. 

The dedicated Yo!Coach team of FATbit Technologies has been working diligently to enhance this already successful software solution. Let’s explore what Yo!Coach is offering and how it became more versatile with each version upgrade. 


Version 4.1

The latest version of Yo!Coach, released in May 2023 offers better functionality and capabilities. This enhanced version, V4.1 is capable of delivering an exceptional user experience. This version offers enhanced functionality and is equipped with cutting-edge features to empower your business in this digital age.

Enhancements like mobile app support, Apple Login, admin manageable pricing, real-time currency conversion, auto-translation of text, Automatic SEO updates, and many more have made Yo!Coach even more reliable and efficient software that offers all essential features.

Version 3.0

Since starting, we were determined to offer the best technology to entrepreneurs to help them establish their online learning businesses. With version 3.0, released in October 2022, Yo!Coach which is already an advanced software offered even more innovative features like group class package management, lesson subscription facility, and more. This software is upgraded to handle and manage high-user data, hence, making this solution perfect for building a scalable platform.

Version 2.4

The version 2.4 was released in April 2022, and now we have backed Yo!Coach with several new features to enhance the capability of this already successful software solution. We offered branding features like website and email theme management that can make the platform aesthetically pleasing. This version offered clients vast flexibility in terms of features and functionality, pivotal to staying ahead of the competition.

Version 2.3

Yo!Coach version 2.3 was launched in June 2021, featuring powerful dashboards for tutors, and learners, multiple price slab functionality, and many other features. The UI/UX front-end pages have also been upgraded for a fresh look. Yo!Coach is already GDPR-compliant, with this version we also offered the right to erasure where learners can raise a request to erase their data from the platform.

Version 2.2

The version 2.2 was released in February 2021, we have introduced three new payment gateways taking the total count of payment gateways offered by Yo!Coach to 7. Other than this, we now support PWA and other vital functionalities like auto language selection, meta tag module, and session duration management for a seamless user experience.

Version 2.1

Yo!Coach version 2.1 was released in January 2021. We have introduced a host of new upgrades, including GDPR compliance and the addition of popular video conferencing tools, like Zoom and Lessonspace with pre-existing AtomChat. With this partnership with leading video conferencing platforms, Yo!Coach clients could avail of discounts and other lucrative offers as well. 

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Yo!Coach has rapidly established itself as one of the best software solutions that can meet the diverse needs of online tutoring businesses. Yo!Coach team has consistently elevated the performance and functionality of the software with each upgrade and has solidified its position as a leading industry software solution. 

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