How Much Time it Takes to Remove Negative Links from Top Search Pages?


Controlling what people say about you, write about you and know about you is certainly impossible, since human beings are gifted with a sense of perception and have the natural tendency to share what they think. And, online networks add to this bent by offering power of social media networks, complaint forums & review sites where one can make things evident by sharing all good & bad reviews. Good ones are a gift indeed but bad reviews are fatal. Negative reviews do the job of killing the brand reputation and affect traffic, sales & popularity.

Negative Links- A Disaster that turns bigger in no time 

Online is a medium that can make anything viral in seconds. So, there are many disadvantages of negative feedbacks but the most terrible is their contagiousness. They spread like fire but take a while to get pushed down. The more disappointing fact is that review sites, social networks & similar public domains have high authority which usually results in their high search engine rankings too.

So, how will you deal with bad links? Will you contact the poster to remove a negative review or reply to it, justifying your clean image?

These are the two obvious & immediate reactions of a person whose name gets maligned online due to a bad feedback. But the very next step would be to hire reputation management staff for removing those links from first few pages, if not completely from search results. They will remain on web but a reputation management company will push down the links to a page that gets least traffic.

How much damage is caused due to negative results depend on the time taken for pushing them down. So you must have a slight idea of factors that define time required for treating your negative links.

How to estimate Time of Reputation Repair?

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Search engines favor negative links by putting them in top of search results. So, when a user leaves a review for a business on Yelp, rip-off report, complaints board or TripAdvisor, it is likely to get top place on first page of search engine results. That makes the cleaning of negative links more difficult & time-consuming. You can estimate the time of cleaning negative links from search engine pages on the basis of following:

1. Domain Authority of negative link

Authority of a negative link is the primary factor in the process of negative links displacement. It depends on the domain authority how a link gets ranked in SERPs. If the domain authority of a negative link is high then it is likely to take plenty of time to get pushed down. You may require promoting positive links of equal authority to get them down.

2. Your existing assets & Overall Brand presence

It includes inbound links that come from various trusted sites. The role of backlinks is crucial because Google trusts them and considers more valuable when they come from people. Other assets include variety of domains like if your company name is abc, you can own & etc. to have stronger position in search engine result pages. If you already have such assets, then it may take less time to remove your negative search results from top pages.

Under social media assets come your profiles on platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Your brand presence becomes stronger with these profiles and linking them to appropriate profiles adds to overall authority. Those having a strong presence on these platforms have better chances of recovery.

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3. Keywords involved

The competitiveness of keywords and phrases that trigger negative results is another factor that defines time required to push down a negative result. For instance, the results for (your company+common search phrases) will take most time and will be most hurtful for traffic too. Similarly, negative links appearing for locale specific keywords, Google autocomplete phrases are equally time consuming to push down.

4. Number of SERP

On which page your negative links are appearing is an important time estimating factor. First page results of Google search engine are most difficult & time consuming as compared to bad links on 2nd or 3rd page. That’s so because the initial pages get more clicks and have high authority sites on top ranks.

5. Nature of Negative Link

The nature of a negative result is critical in quick repair of damaged reputation. For instance, a negative comment coming from social network may be tougher to handle as the comments have diffusive nature. Moreover user generated content is ranked higher by Google and the more users read or reply to a comment the higher damage it causes.

Apart from this how you immediately handle a negative link also influence timeframe. Usually business owners commit a blunder by overreacting or counterattacking the users and spoil the whole game, which eventually creates bigger mess & takes plenty of time to get cleaned.

 6. Negative links’ Domain Analysis

  • There are various other factors to analyze like what’s the Page Rank of a domain, how much traffic it gets routinely & what is the Alexa Rank. The better a domain looks on all these fronts the harder it gets to treat a negative link posted on a domain.
  • Also analyze the content updates & overall popularity of a domain that carries your negative link. Domains with higher content updates & more popularity usually rank higher in search results & so the links coming from them also take more time to get displaced from top positions of search results.
  • What’s the age of a negative review posted on a domain? The higher it is the more it takes to push the link down. If any work is done earlier on it, then it can help reducing the time otherwise one may have to be patient.

Time factor is quite important in determining the cost you pay to an ORM company for pushing your bad links down. By keeping a little knowledge about the time element, you can save yourself from imposters who charge beyond reasonability & take years to push down one negative link.

Know the actual state of your Negative Links
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Having said that, we suggest you to be calm & patient when you come across a negative search result about your business or name as it may take some time to heal. Just be quick & consistent with your reputation repair management.

You can contact FATbit for reputation repair and monitoring. As reputation Management Company, we have handled the most complicated cases of reputation building and damage repair. Having known for strategic analysis and planned activities, our ORM team has successfully completed those projects and currently ranks among the top trusted agencies. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your reputation queries.

Let us know in comments, if you are facing any other trouble with negative links.

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