Are there any user manuals for Yo!Deals?

To view user manuals of Yo!Deals, refer to the links below:

V4 Manuals:

  1. Admin Manual- Check here
  2. Registered User Manual- Check here
  3. Representative User Manual- Check here
  4. Merchant Manual- Check here
  5. Affiliate User Manual- Check here

V3 Manuals:

  1. Admin Manual: Check here
  2. Merchant Manual: Check here

V2 Manuals:

  1. Admin Manual: Check here
  2. Merchant: Check here
  3. Affiliate: Check here
  4. Registered User: Check here
  5. Representative: Check here

Getting Started with Yo!Deals
Here are few other helpful user manuals

1. Facebook Key: Click here
2. Google Maps Key: Click here
3. Mandrill & Mailchimp Integration: Click here
4. Settled & Unsettled Deals: Click here

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