What is the difference between Yo!Coach and Yo!Coach Plus platform?

Yo!Coach is a ready-made software to build an online tutoring & consultation platform where people from all over the world can connect, communicate, and learn without any geographical restriction. Yo!Coach comes with a suite of interactive features like video conferencing/chat to enable smooth workflows for both learners and teachers. The software is also pre-integrated with third-party APIs providing features like whiteboard, textpad, screen sharing, and language translation to simulate the real-life learning environment for teachers and learners on the platform. Admin is the overall controller of the platform and the commissions from online lesson booking are the primary business model. As a fully customizable solution, Yo!Coach can cater to many common and vital functionalities in platforms like Verbling, Preply, Italki, and Cambly.


Whereas, Yo!Coach Plus is an online course marketplace software - designed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to build a platform similar to Udemy and Coursera. Tutors/Subject experts can add and sell pre-recorded courses covering several niches using the platform. It comes with course-specific features like Built-in notes for condensed records, certificate authentication module, and management of media files, and learning materials. In addition, Yo!Coach Plus incorporates all synchronous learning features that are available in Yo!Coach.





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