How to make Facebook login work?

You will need to configure/setup Facebook API page under your Facebook account.

Following are the steps:

Step1: You will need to open this link with your Facebook account.


Step 2: Then, click on add a new app.

Step 3: Choose website from options.

Step 4: Enter the name of website then click on create of Facebook app Id for it.

Step 5: A pop-up will appear. On this choose category (nature of your business type) then click on create app Id.

Step 6: Click on skip Quick Start button.

This will show you AppID: 8347255666xxx like this.

And app secret key.

Step 7: Click on show button this will show you exact app secret key:

Example: dcf46152c32cde3d509efexxxxx

Step 8: Click on setting button on left menu. Add your app domain and contact email-id.

Step 9: Click on Add platform button. Select website option as platform.

Then, Add site url and mobile site url.

Step 10: Finally, you will need to add this AddID and app secret key in manager section under the Setting tab.

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