Can we modify the scripts?

Yes, you can modify the scripts unless those are encrypted. The encrypted files related to some root interaction between the system and database.

Some portion of the files delivered is encrypted - what kind of files/scripts are encrypted and why?

What kind of documentation we provide for other progrmmers to be able to use our encrypted functions/scripts?

The core of our framework is encrypted and we provide full documentation for that. That code is not directly related to the functionality of dailydeal system but that is for root level. It is similar if the system was programmed using code-igniter or cake php and you are not allowed to make any changes to the code of that framework (which you never need to). There are about 10 classes in that encrypted area. You get a thorough documentation for all that encrypted area in html format. For why - That is our proprietary framework and we do not provide source code for that area. But it does not restrict you extending/modifying your system in any manner.


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