Things that make Yo!Kart
the most ideal ecommerce platform

Fully Customizable Design

Make your website unique and benefit from exclusive design and features. Do not restrict yourself and your website to a fixed template or theme. Make it stand out among the competition.

  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Useful and effective eCommerce web design, driven by best practices
  • Customize not just the look of the website but also promotional emails and newsletters
  • Match your website with your way of getting things done

Product Management

Let the core technology help you seamlessly manage new and existing product information.

  • Integrated features to remove hassles of product listing and management
  • Product review and ratings to help customers make informed decisions
  • Get in-depth insights into inventory data to have a better control over catalogues and items
  • Smart recommendation module increases the chances of making additional sales
  • Manage product SEO to ensure listing of product is visible among top search engine ranking

Multivendor System

Let merchants manage inventory for creating better experience for shoppers. Share control on price, delivery time, & other details

  • Each vendor/merchant can manage his own inventory - after approval from the Portal Admin team - the new products become visible on the portal.
  • Buyer is not shown the vendor details. After order is placed by the buyer, the system automatically places the order with corresponding vendors.
  • Auto-split of Buyer Order into multiple Vendor Orders. Buyer can place order for products coming from different vendors in single order.
  • Each Vendor can choose his own price, delivery time, product delivery charges etc.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Yo!Kart helps you get better returns by giving you the opportunity to open various revenue channels for your ecommerce business.

  • Commissions : The good old revenue channel that has always helped businesses to grow; either through highmargins, or in bulk, and sometimes, a blend of both.
  • Ads : Placing ads of businesses that are in tandem with your business can help you create an additional revenue channel through each click or the decided action
  • Promotions : Promoting a particular seller for specific product or services can help them get highlighted, and you can enjoy revenue from one more source
  • Subscription Fee/Delivery Charges : While free delivery used to be a thing to do earlier, customers don't hesitate to pay a few extra bucks for the experience and assured quality. Give them the option of paying an yearly subscription and entitle them to a bunch of services.
  • Affiliation : Affiliating with businesses that complement your business is a great way to create another income source

Multiple Payment Options

Yo!Kart offers plenty of payment options so that you can assure there's no cart abandonment due to lack of a desired payment method.

  • Credit Card : An effective and trusted payment method, especially when Cash on Delivery entails additional charges.
  • E-Wallet : Another secure and hassle free payment method, it also helps marketplace owners with simplifying their cashback and reward point process.
  • Bank Transfer : Since this method works with most banks, payments are sorted out easily, quickly and safely
  • Payment Gateways : Yo!Kart offers a plethora of payment gateways for you to choose from, depending on which payment gateway suits your business the best. It includes, Paypal, PayUMoney, CCAvenue, Citrus, Paytm, Amazon, Stripe, 2checkout, Omise, and many more.
  • Cash on Delivery : You can use this payment option to improve increase your revenue, either through "convenience charges" or through a subscription fee.

Marketing Features

An array of marketing features focused solely on selling and promotion. This helps in increasing user base as well as sales.

  • Integrated blog to engage with audience and create a user base.
  • Referral Program and affiliate module helps in improving sales and earnings prospect.
  • With added social media integration users can easily share items across several social media accounts.
  • Dedicated paid advertisement module that allows sellers to promote their products and shops on homepage.

SEO Friendly

Fine-tune different product pages for relevant search queries to get more sales, traffic & popularity

  • Automatically generated optimized and easy to personalize title tags, meta description, heading tags, text content and images
  • Hierarchically organized, editable and descriptive URL structure, especially important for a dynamic ecommerce website
  • Keyword search
  • Automatic sitemap.xml generation and update with changes in content

Reporting & Analytics

Plan for the future by studying past performance. Make improvements on the basis of sales & inventory related data.

  • Instanly track lifetime sales, Average sales, Last 5 orders,Top 5 search terms
  • Easy inventory management and demand forecasting by viewing sales trends, low stocks, and most sold products, etc.
  • View abandoned carts to figure out reason for loss of sales
  • View social media analytics, top referrers, top searched products and conversion statistics to know more about your customer base
  • Based on the data, promote sales through discount coupons, bulk discounts, special discounts to new customers, etc.

Mobile Application

Yo!Kart Mobile App lets your customers shop their favorite items using their favorite devices. Apps allow you to offer your customers instant access, and you need to tap both these markets for bulk and margins.

  • Android App: 70% of smartphone users are on Android, tapping this market will definitely increase your online presence manifold. YoKart offers a native android mobile application that takes mobile experience to a whole new level. It offers all the core features of desktop marketplace on native android app.
  • iOS App: With a massive $40 billion revenue generation, iOS apps are twice as productive as Android apps. YoKart is developing a native iPhone app that would offer you an additional channel, where your consumers can buy from. Build using Apple's app guidelines it makes shopping on iOS a breeze.
  • Feature List: Seller App Buyer App

Version 8 Features

With the launch of Version 8, YoKart has become even more useful and efficient for everyone, marketplace owners, vendors and customers alike.

  • Revamped UI Design
  • Product Catalog System
  • Smarter Product Recommendation System
  • Faster Product Addition
  • Multiple Languages
  • Multiple Currencies

Are you looking for a readymade multivendor ecommerce solution to launch own ecommerce marketplace?

Introducing Yo!Kart Version 8

YoKart has undergone a complete design makeover, and the YoKart Version 8 is by far the most efficient marketplace solution from user experience perspective. Revamped frontend and backend design delivers unprecedented customer experience along with easy, streamlined and better website management.

Product Catalog

Marketplace Admins can create a product catalog on their own. Sellers simply need to attach their price tags. Simple and effortless!

New Design

The completely new design boasts of easy navigation and better user interface for everyone; buyers, sellers and admins.

Better UX

Yo!Kart now packs an even more powerful punch in the form of better user experience. Ensure high ROI and more traffic of satisfied customers.

Multi Lingual

Give your customers the freedom to view your marketplace in a language they prefer. YoKart now supports as many languages as you want.

Multi-currency & Payfort

Multi-currency feature allows your end users to view a product's cost in their local currency. The most popular payment gateway in the Middle East, PayFort, allows secure and quick transactions.

Rewards & Discounts

Add custom reward and discount programs as per your liking. Entice your audience and make them grab a deal while ensuring profitable business.

Experience Live Demo

Go Mobile With Yo!Kart

Android App

With 70% of smartphone users on Android, tapping this market is important for ensuring a wider reach. Yo!Kart offers you tailored apps to complement your online business.

Version 7 Buyer App $399
Version 7 Seller App $399
Version 8 Buyer App $499
Version 8 Seller App $499
iOS App

With high concentration of premium customers found on iOS, leveraging this user section is one of the most prolific business decisions. Keep you ecommerce game in top gear with Yo!Kart iOS app.

Version 7 Buyer App $499
Version 7 Seller App $499
Version 8 Buyer App $499
Version 8 Seller App $499

"I have recently completed a project with Yo!Kart, and I would highly recommend this company for your project's needs.Yo!Kart is very passionate about creating work that consistently surpasses expectations.They are committed to producing unique digital products using innovative techniques and processes that set them apart from the rest."

Carlos Vernier, Founder & CEO

"It was fun working with Yo!Kart team. They are very supportive and I received quality work from them Whenever I needed some support, the team was always there to assist.Will definitely work with them for my future projects."

Vishal Anand, Founder & CEO

"I would like to thank the Yo!Kart team for the excellent service which we get at any time. We bought the system last year and it works superbly. I quickly realized that the team is very passionate and that truly state-of-the-art technology is being deployed. Thank you very much team Yo!Kart for your support received, your very fast help all the time and we will work with pleasure with you also in the feature."

Joel Ambord, Founder

"I've fished several e-commerce platforms and marketplaces that could enter to my business model. Among all the platforms in the world, the Yo!kart was the one that provided best marketplace features on a robust and advanced platform. Besides the platform, the support team was helpful with everything."

Alex Miura, Founder & CEO

"Using Yo!Kart was a great decision for my company.Aditya, my team manager always responded promptly and never gave me any problems. I have been extremely impressed with how great of a job the team did on everything from design to functionality."

Samuel Ulrich, Founder

"I would like to thank Yo!Kart team for the excellent product.I bought the system 6 months ago.The system works superbly and technical support is very great.I encourage people to do business with this company!"

Noorindah Iskandar, Founder -

"I am very satisfied with FATbit for their services and consultancy provided. Their creative insights, combined with superb technical capabilities make them a great partner. Their Advice and ideas were valuable and honest. I am very fortunate to have discovered FATbit and highly recommend them to any company."

Razi Adi, Founder

Multivendor Ecommerce Platform Pricing

YoKart delivers multivendor ecommerce stores that are high on features, converts easily generates more product sales. Check out our amazing packages and pick the one perfect for you!

Version 7 Version 8

GoQuick V7


Pay $250 now, rest after 3 months

Fully Owned License, No Recurring Payments.
  • Default Design

GoCustomLite V7


Pay $1199 Now, Rest in milestones

Fully Owned License, No Recurring Payments.

GoCustom V7


Pay $2399 Now, Rest in milestones

Fully Owned License, No Recurring Payments.

*Additional USD 1000 for RTL (Right to Left Languages) related design enhancements in GoCustom Lite and GoCustom packages. SSL integration cost: Without AWS: $100 and With AWS : $175.

Need wild card sub-domain license?

SSL integration cost: Without AWS: $100 and With AWS : $175

Included in Every Yo!Kart Package


When you trust us for your ecommerce marketplace platform, we make sure, things go as hassle free as possible. We'll install the marketplace for you, free of charge, so you can focus on your business better.

Technical support

1 year Free support will be provided for bugs and errors found in the system. To understand the features and functionality of the system 10 hrs support will be provided. View FAQ

Free .Store
Domain Name

With our recent partnership with Radix FZC, you also get free .Store domain name for one year. Avoid unnecessary hyphens and misspellings; make your ecommerce business shine, with right domain name.

Source Code

We not only give you the right kind of marketplace solution for your ecommerce business, we also give you the complete source code (Excluding Framework) along with it so that you can customize it any which way you want.


Responsive design is the need of the hour. Marketplaces built on YoKart offer the same viewing experience across all screen platforms, whether it's a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Without Yo!Kart

GoQuick, GoCustom Lite and GoCustom are the packages that give you a white-label marketplace. There will be no signature of Yo!Kart anywhere on the site. You paid for it, and the license is yours, you own it.


Right from the display theme to the features, you can customize Yo!Kart and build a marketplace right from scratch. You can make it entirely the way you like it.

Ready to launch your ecommerce store with Yo!Kart?

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Experienced and proficient technicians are at your disposal to help you with any type of bugs and errors found it the system.

Work Progress Transparency

You'll always be kept in the loop and nothing will be hidden from you. We like to keep our clients updated with the progress of the work.

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