Why Hire Dedicated Programmers Instead of Freelancers?

Here's the scenario, you have an important programming and design project that must be completed within two months. You have the option of hiring a freelancer or getting a team of dedicated programmer to perform the services. Which do you choose and why? Well, the solution is quite simple as you are basically asking how much quality should you choose and why. As a freelancer can offer a lesser price for the services, you will likely also find that you are getting a lesser quality of services, so there really is no bargain. Dedicated programmers offer the true bargain, ensuring top services for a reasonable price; however, true quality is often priceless.

A company backed programmer is so much more reliable than a freelancer. Having a contract also provides the insurance that if the programmer doesn't produce a product you will not be at a loss. A freelancer can at any time decide they are not satisfied with the terms and decide to quit without notice. This can not only be time consuming, but may likely cost money if you have been paying the freelancer. The obvious solution is to stick with programmers that you know will perform the services they have been hired for. Getting a team of programmers on a monthly basis can provide you with your personal development and programming staff that will provide quality in an appropriate time frame.

Dedicated programmers are highly skilled, trained, and experienced and can offer an element that freelancers just cannot. Programmers can perform each of these tasks as well as many more:

  • PHP, XML, ASP.NET development
  • VB.NET, ASP, C++ development
  • Visual basic
  • Java development
  • SQL, Foxpro, MS Access

Hiring a freelancer can generally conflict with your monitoring abilities causing you to be unaware of what is going on with the project. Hiring dedicated programmers, you should be provided with general and specific reports; you will also have the ability to monitor the development and programming processes.

A freelancer can typically work on a range of projects at once, however hiring dedicated programmers offers a team that is just for you. These programmers will work exclusively on the projects you set forth for them, allowing you to have their main focus and attention. This is proven to provide much more quality in the end result as there are no distracting elements that may cause the programmers to provide less quality in your projects. There is really no question to whether freelancers or dedicated programmers are better for you. The answer is in the name; dedicated programmers are just that, dedicated to your projects solely.

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