PROOFREADING - Because it's worth it!

Writing is an innate ability, but proofreading is not, it's acquired! Proofreading is vital in making your writing flawless. Without which, your content is incomplete and dissatisfactory. A poorly written content, non-edited and full of typos would switch off a visitor's interest to read further. Proofreading gets mature with constant and consistent practicing. If you keep seeing the shells of words, you might not reach to the meat! Hence, proofreading is a method which you simply can't sidestep. You got to follow it to make your content free of errors and immaculate.

Oftentimes, we are uber confident of the content that we produce, and this is when we got to halt, breathe and look upon to proofread! As a writer, you got to fix your eyes on the content while editing, don't mind even if you have to roll those eyeballs!

Some of the steps to accurate proofreading are

  • Imagine if suspicion could help than crush! Well, yes, you must doubt every word while proofreading. See what's actually there and not what you want to read. Double check for errors which are typical.
  • Stop, read and alter! Proofreading is not just about checking your grammar and punctuations, but also the inconsistency in your sentence structure and other possible hitches.
  • Make proofreading a compulsive habit, to create copies that are perfect and crafted to appeal. Look out for any jargons and immediately brush them off. Avoid your copy from falling under the curse shadow of a reader, proofread well and repeatedly.
  • If you don't believe yourself, make somebody else read your copy, welcome their suggestions and work upon them.
  • Get glued to your screen while proofreading and seldom get distracted.

Look, stare, or freeze your eyes, but proofread accurately to create copies that are effective and enticing. Flaws and typos mar your image as a writer. Hence, stay active, wary and vigilant while proofreading and impress your readers!


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