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When operating a business website, it is necessary to employ the best eCommerce solution programmers to get the best eCommerce system possible. A great eCommerce system allows you to be as productive online as you wish to be, with an easy check-out for your consumers. There are many features of a great eCommerce solution, all leading to the best and most productive system possible.

Customer Convenience

As you well know, customer convenience is a main focal point in the best eCommerce solution. For this reason, when you find the best programmers, they will too focus on optimizing customer convenience. This includes several features such as:

  • Ability for customer to view and modify personal information through log-in to personal account, which is created before or after check-out.
  • Confirmation email provided after check-out.
  • Full order history provided with full details on each order.
  • Updates concerning personal orders via email.
  • Account accessed downloads eliminating the need for email delivery, which is sometimes unreliable.
  • Password reminder, "Email a Friend", "Save Cart" functionalities.
  • Account accessed downloads eliminating the need for email delivery, which is sometimes unreliable.
  • Option to pay later.
  • Contact us quires from site to email.

Your store can be added to your customers' favorites or even bookmarked for continuous visiting, ensuring they will never lose your site. These features increase the convenience to your consumers which keeps them returning and allows the check-out to be as easy as possible. There are times when customers will turn away due to difficulty in an eCommerce system. With FATbit, you don't have to worry about this issue as your eCommerce system will be optimized for full consumer convenience.

Administration for Your eCommerce System

When operating an online shopping cart system, you will require appropriate and comprehensive administrative services that will allow your site to truly have the best online shop system. The best online shop programmers will provide various services that will ensure your system is always running optimally and without err. Such services provided with the best eCommerce system include:

  • A variety of utilities best to test and troubleshoot the eCommerce installations.
  • Help with most functions on screen.
  • Management for elements of online shop including location, products, and options.
  • Uploading available for product images and software sold in your web store.
  • Configuration of sales tax based on location.
  • Order management from one screen, as well as order stock level adjustment after shipment of items.
  • Proper calculation of sale price based on individual orders and product details.
  • Activation and deactivation of customer accounts.

The features offered by the best eCommerce solution programmers are so numerous that you will be sure that your administrative end is always in peak operating condition. This includes having full management of the functions of your online store and the many components within. You will also have full control over your customers' actions within your online shop, providing you with the security all web shop owners seek. The best online shop designers will create an ecommerce system that is fully navigational and is optimized for full function and easy access. Your consumers will see the products you want them to see, the deals you are promoting, and the specials you are having at a specific time.

Consumer Payment and Online Shop Marketing Features

Of course, you are going to need an optimized payment gateway that allows your customers to pay for their items from your store. This includes built-in support for all the Authorize.Net authorizations on credit card payments right from the administrative area. There is also the option for your customers to enter up to 9 different types of credit cards, which ensures you accept what your consumers are paying with. The payment gateways are configured online in one area, instead of through individual scripts scattered across your server. There are various search engine optimization and marketing features that allows your site to be found by your consumers, and those you wish to become your consumers. Such features include:

  • ISAPI URL rewrites for site products, categories, and CMS pages.
  • Google XML site map.
  • Top banner with uploading of jpegs or flash.

The best eCommerce system must be fully optimized in order to be found and your products or services to be sold to the largest audience possible. Much like you market a local business for consumer recruitment, you will market your online web store with the professional services of the best online shop programmers, which can be found at FATbit.

When in search of the best providers for the best online shop system, FATbit has the eCommerce solution that can make any online shop highly productive and easily navigable for your consumers. Providing high quality services that focus on the elements of an online shop and the business, you are offered an optimized and well structured website with all the options you need to ensure there is maximum consumer convenience, including comprehensive payment. FATbit is the company you need to get the most out of any eCommerce system, providing you with the best.

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