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Responsive Web Design Services

90% of people are switching to multiple screens to browse the internet! So, to target all your potential clients it's important to have a website that is optimized for all devices. Responsive websites have a single URL and HTML code which gets optimized according to the screen resolution on which it is opened thus giving an optimum viewing experience. Past five years have brought a flood of web enabled devices including smart phones, Kindles, tablets, net books and, the newest addition, phablets. This has popularized the responsive design concept amongst web entrepreneurs and businesses.

Top 3 reasons why you need a responsive design

Google loves responsive website.

Responsive design are more sustainable.

Mobile devices are the future of internet.

The Smart Responsive Investment

If you are thinking of Maintaining separate websites for different machines than this is not a viable solution because each will ask for time, effort and money; Modern businesses are investing in responsive design because it minimizes effort and saves time as well as money.

Time for text & design related changes

Effort to track performance & make amendments

Money to develop & upkeep them

Mobile Websites Stats

Do not miss out on your mobile savvy customers

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Responsive Design Ė Technical Details

Responsive websites use CSS3 media queries, fluid proportion-based grids, and flexible images to create a visual experience that remains the same as screen size changes.

While most traditional websites fall apart on smaller screens, responsive ones adjust text, graphic and other elements as per screen resolution.

A website not optimized for smaller screens cannot cater to mobile users. Responsive ones can, and that too without compromising user experience.

As a company of responsive design experts, we make cutting edge websites that effortlessly fit all machines by adjusting resolution, image size and scripting.

Browser Friednly Web Desgin

Same URL

Single Content

Single Content

One Code

One Code

CSS3 Queries

CSS3 Queries

Responsive website

Responsive website

Responsive Portfolio

To get more information about the best of best responsive work done by FATbit specialists so far check out our detailed Responsive Design Portfolio.

Speak to our project managers and learn how FATbit experts can help you dominate all types of devices with one superior responsive platform.

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FATbit - Expert Responsive Designers

FATbit has been active in the web services field since 2004 and our name is counted among the best responsive website design company in India and globally. With diverse experience and expertise we understand what is required to make futuristic websites that can dominate screen sizes of all types with minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Our design experts take strategy, UX and graphic design concepts to create responsive websites that offer a unique visual and interactive experience.

Here are some other things that are part of our day to day design and development processes :

Competitor Analysis


Wireframe design & Prototyping

Wireframe design
& Prototyping

Information Architecture design

Architecture design

Responsive Web Design


Expert Evaluation


Start converting more Mobile Audience Get your website converted to Responsive.

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Resolutions we'll take care of

Mobile portrait

Mobile Portrait


Mobile landscape


Phablet portrait

Phablet Portrait


Phablet landscape

Phablet Landscape


Tablet portrait

Tablet Portrait


Tablet landscape

Tablet Landscape


PC Browser

PC Browser

1024 onwards

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