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Best Rental eCommerce Software to Shape Your Breakthrough Ideas

Meet industrial expectations to provide your customers a satisfying rental experience. Tailor-made to conduct smooth rental operations across various industries, Yo!Rent holds up to every requirement of niche-specific user journeys.

Equipment Rental

The heavy equipment industry is a major contributor in economies world over. With operations thriving all across the globe, every contractor, irrespective of the budget, aspires to deliver the best value to clients. To help such contractors and businesses in the construction industry, equipment rental emerges as a viable option.

Create a robust equipment rental website like United Rentals and Herc Rentals with Yo!Rent to rent out heavy equipment to EPCs, MEPs, general contractors and miners with remarkable ease and streamlined management.

Gearflow, a Yo!Rent powered rental platform raised $1.1M in seed funding.

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Adventure and Sports Gear Rental

Adventure tourism is rebounding from the steep effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of participants in hiking, camping, mountain biking, watersports and other extreme sports is bound to surge in the near future. Similarly, sports equipment like golf kits, badminton nets, TT tables, paintball equipment and protective gear are rented in bulk and are a viable business opportunity.

Yo!Rent, a whitelabel online rental software is capable of developing a full-fledged online store like Gearo and REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) to support multifarious adventure and sports gear rental operations.

Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental is an emerging trend in the US and neighboring countries with close follow up in Asian and Gulf markets. Rental business types such as commercial/residential rental subscription businesses, one-time rental businesses and peer-to-peer marketplaces highlight the scope of business in the online furniture rental industry.

With dedicated features to support furniture rental operations, Yo!Rent is an all-inclusive rental management software to get started with furniture rental marketplaces and websites like Cort and LiveFeather.

Dress Rental

Bridal wear, groom wear, luxury dresses and cosplay attires are rented more frequently than they are purchased. Corporate organizations also rent uniforms in bulk to meet various dress code requirements. For general consumers, special occasions and events call for dress rentals. With emerging dress rental demands from aforementioned consumer segments, launching an online dress rental platform can give a suitable boost to your business.

With features like rental buffer time, duration discounts and subscription management, Yo!Rent is a fully-customizable rental booking software to launch an online dress rental business like Rent The Runway and Nuuly.

FindRentWear, powered by Yo!Rent is highly-efficient dress rental platform.

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Vehicle Rental

A number of households, working professionals and students require cars, bikes and scooters on a monthly rental basis. Off-roading vehicles, SUVs, Vans and RVs are also rented frequently for expeditions and camping trips. In the B2B vertical, delivery businesses, corporate offices and construction companies rent vehicles for conducting deliveries, commuting and completing work projects respectively.

To capitalize on the lucrative business opportunity that the vehicle rental industry offers, Yo!Rent stands out as a leading solution for entrepreneurs wanting to establish an online vehicle rental business like Turo, Penske and Outdoorsy.

Camera Rental

Professional cameras are expensive and not required by general consumers on a regular basis. As such, cameras, lenses, tripod stands are frequently rented for various occasions and events. Along with the general households, consumer segments like movie directors, photography businesses, YouTubers and wildlife photographers require rental cameras.

As an agile eCommerce solution, Yo!Rent is inclusive of the essential features required to precisely address the software needs of an online camera rental business. It is recommended for the entrepreneurs wanting to start a website like ShareGrid and LensRentals.

Party Supply Equipment Rental

Party supplies help lighten up the atmosphere of events. They assist organizers in hosting a themed event or just meet the furnishing requirements of anniversaries and birthday parties. With audio/video equipment and lighting solutions taking the lead, consumers also rent wall paintings, curtains and other decor frequently.

To meet the party supply requirements of various households, corporates and event organizers, you can launch an online business like PartyRent with Yo!Rent, an advanced equipment rental software consisting of the most useful features from a business point of view.

Textbook Rental

Textbook rental websites emerged as an efficient alternative to libraries during the times of pandemic. Even in the post-pandemic world, consumers are expected to rent textbooks online and opt for monthly subscriptions. Library owners and textbook retailers can make the best out of this opportunity by starting a textbook rental website.

With advanced catalogue management and multi-tier product subscription Yo!Rent is capable of powering textbook rental websites like Chegg and Campus Book Rentals to precisely match the increasing consumer demands in the textbook rental niche.

Boat Rental

Water sports companies, holiday resorts and private ports rent out boats and yachts to consumers. By providing the consumers an online booking experience, these vendors can improve the customer experience and boost reservations. Similarly, a P2P boat rental website is beneficial for boat owners who can rent out their boats on hourly, weekly or monthly basis and earn money.

With product comparison and extensive rental order management features, Yo!Rent is an ideal solution to launch a boat rental website like Click&Boat and SailSquare.

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Yo!Rent Powered Rental Marketplaces

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"Excellent group of people! Always willing to help and listen. FATbit's Yo!Rent team overdelivered! I'm looking forward to continuing working together to maintain and improve the marketplace gearflow.com"

Luke PowersFounder and CEO

"FATbit delivered my project in a professional manner. The project was built to my specification and any changes I required were accommodated where possible. The team were competent and prompt in responding to my queries. Post delivery the team have been extremely helpful in resolving any outstanding issues. Overall the quality of the website produced has been as expected and of a high standard."

Neeta DusanjhFounder and CEO

" Fatbit was able to accomplish everything my rental website needed in a timely manner. Communication was excellent and the final project exceed my expectations. "

Andrew KramptonFounder and CEO
B2B diamond trading platform

Find Rent Wear

A P2P Online Fashion Rental Marketplace

Built with Yo!Rent, Find Rent Wear is a London based online fashion rental platform where users can list and rent luxury clothing, wardrobes and other designer creations.

B2B diamond trading platform


A B2B Construction Equipment Rent/Sale Marketplace

Gearflow is an online B2B construction equipment marketplace built with Yo!Rent to connect dealers, OEMs, contractors and spare part sellers from all across the US.

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Yo!Rent - An Advanced Rental eCommerce Marketplace Software

Built around a scalable architecture, Yo!Rent online rental marketplace software can be extensively customised to cover each use case and deliver contextual user experience for each user journey. Formulated with domain specific features, it generates value by developing tailored and diverse customer interactions.

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Powerful Rental Marketplace Features

Multi-Vendor Capability

The multi-vendor model facilitates the strategic execution of the aligned objectives of the vendor and the admin. Vendors are facilitated with a separate dashboard to manage their orders, products, and other settings. To drive growth at speed, vendors can create catalogs and cart promotions on their storefront.

Renting and Selling

Renting and selling is a flexible and value maximisation approach in response to the evolving needs of the vendor. By allowing them to have separate price listings and making products unavailable for rent on selected days, scaling new growth becomes faster. Key features for end users include extending rental duration at an additional cost and product purchase by paying the full amount.

Real Time Inventory Management

Real time inventory management scales the impact for a marketplace. With a system of centralised auto sync inventory in place, workflow and supply chain processes are optimised efficiently. Digitisation of the actionable data helps in deriving intelligent insights and utilise them for future growth opportunities.

Responsive Design

Responsive design drives the transformation of a marketplace by delivering a seamless experience across multiple channels. Focusing on the factors of accessibility and usability, it implements content prioritisation for a consistent small screen experience.

Customizable System

Structured on an ever adaptable model, customisation helps bolster customer interaction, integration, process improvement and automation in a peer to peer rental marketplace. Primed for absolute flexibility, the system supports multiple revenue streams; commission, subscription, advertisement, affiliate, and more.

User Friendly CMS

Adaptability and Flexibility are woven into the CMS' fabric. A powerful CMS equips admin to manage the website navigation, page content, product collections, email templates, blogs, website language and more to manoeuvre the marketplace as per the changing customer needs.

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Insights On Online Rental Industry (2019 - 2023)

The expansion of the rental industry has accommodated the future of all other industries. Many industries have understood the benefits and adopted a rental model into their business.

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Unearthing Layers Of A Rental Business Marketplace Platform

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The GCC heavy equipment market was valued at $2.23 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.09% during the analysis period(2019-2024).

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