bitFATdeals brings updates and new features

We are pleased to announce that it is about time to raise the bar of competition in the daily deals market with our improved bitFATdeals script. After the introduction of our path breaking script, we kept our eyes on the market to identify new features and upgrades that could be made to refine the concept of daily deals. With additional script features in admin and merchant related functionality, bitFATdeals has become smarter and even more powerful.


In the field of affiliates and charity management too, we have brought radical changes that will appeal very much to our client base. Besides our much celebrated custom design option, we are also offering five revisions - which we can claim no other script provider is giving - to make sure that our clients get the exact design they have in mind.

We are confident that the new and improved bitFATdeals will give our clients the firepower they require to dominate.

Last update: 2012-05-07 16:43
Author: FATbit Chef

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