Bizixx- Project Management System launched

We realize that business owners need to be aware about the functioning of different departments to oversee progress of ongoing projects, while keeping an eye on the cost at the same time. To accomplish the same, we have introduced BIZixx, a web based project management system. Through BIZixx, business owners have access to all the critical information and statistics at one place. This simplifies decision making and leads to better uilization of resources at hand. The project management system is loaded with features and capabilities that will help business owners with details related to total sales per month, project completion status, man-hours spent, timely reports and numerous other useful statistics. We are sure our product, BIZixx, will help businesses around the world in maximizing profits and achieving better decision making.

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Last update: 2014-04-23 12:00
Author: FATbit Chef

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