What are the USPs of the Growcer delivery staff app or why the Growcer mobile app is best suited for delivery agents?

Growcer, being a turnkey solution for online multi-vendor grocery marketplace, comes with interactive Android and iOS apps for the delivery staff. The simplified layout & feature-rich dashboard of these delivery apps can efficiently streamline the delivery process, make delivery management easy and super-fast. Here are some USPs of the Growcer mobile app which makes it an ideal option for the delivery agents: 

- Our innovative mobile app enables the delivery staff to work as per convenience which further enhances their productivity 

- With our unique mobile app, a delivery boy can easily manage order delivery status, profile updates, navigate to buyer/seller location, view wallet transactions, etc.  

- The delivery agents can leverage our advanced mobile app to send push notifications which notifies the customers about new offers and discounts. This, in turn, helps with user acquisition and retention.  


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2020-02-13 15:46
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