How is FATbit Technologies associated with Ably Soft Pvt. Ltd.?

FATbit Technologies - established in 2004, is a Sole Proprietorship Firm owned by Manish Bhalla whereas Ably Soft Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2010 by Manish and his family members.

Since 2004, FATbit has been delivering Web Solutions, and Digital Marketing Services and is well-known across the globe. FATbit works as a marketing arm for Ably Soft Pvt. Ltd. and has emerged as the primary brand representing this alliance.

Ably Soft and FATbit are under the same ownership umbrella and we prefer to sign all agreements and documents on behalf of Ably Soft Pvt. Ltd.(being the Parent Company in this group); Ably Soft is not a billing partner for FATbit, it is the parent entity in this association.


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