Will I need a blog for my website? What is the use of Blog?

Yes! You should definitely have a blog for your website. A well maintained blog on your website can help you communicate valuable information to your visitors as well as open up a world of opportunity for your business. There are a lot advantages that a blog can add to your business. Here are a few of them:

  • Creating awareness and building credibility: By talking about latest things happening in your industry and around your business, you are creating awareness and sharing information which will always lead to a positive impact on your brand image. By exposing your visitors to up-to-date news you are indirectly gaining their trust by helping them instead of trying to impress them.
  • Increased visibility: With a blog that receives regular content updates you can make your business more visible to potential customers. Google bots love them who update their content frequently and provide meaningful information with a sole aim of helping masses.
  • Helps in SEO: Blogging is one of those magical online marketing tool which if used effectively can attract great deal of traffic and exposure for your business. Blogging helps you to gain advantage in search engine optimization as well. With the help of internal linking, external linking, targeting right keywords you can boost your search engine rankings. If the content posted by you is liked by readers and they share it on social media that acts as an added advantage. 
  • Attract more traffic: If your potential customers see you as someone who can provide them expert opinion/ consultation about your industry then they are more likely to do business with you than your competitors. Well written blog content has the power to attract relevant and qualified visitors and drive traffic to your website via inbound links.
  • Building relationships: Nowadays, visitors are seeking more friendly relationships with the online companies they purchase from. A blog allows visitors to see updated and fresh information; comments posted by existing customers and participate in those conversations. With a blog, you can establish communication and relationships with your visitors, and also build trust and credibility along the way.




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