What options regarding Reseller/Partnership does FATbit offer?

You can associate with us through two of our programs namely white label reseller program and referral marketing program that together constitute our complete partnership model. Our white label reseller program enables you to rebrand and resell our wide range of white-labeled products and services to your customers. We allow you to resell our services at any price you like, you just have to pay us a fixed amount on every deal. This program is specifically designed to help you expand your business reach and make better engagement with your customers.


Through our referral marketing program, you can earn additional income by referring our products and services to your corporate networks. You create a passive channel of clients by sharing information on mature leads with us and procure a certain percentage of profit from converted ones. Every reference gets you a commission.

For more information, please visit: https://www.fatbit.com/partner-program-engagement-models.html?q=side_sticker

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