Do you list projects pertaining to referred clients in your portfolio?

FATbit may display the logo/brand/website of the clients along with the details of work performed in its portfolio or marketing material.

FATbit works to provide maximum value to the clients via its purpose-driven products and services. The products themselves have been developed iteratively and constantly improved upon, implementing years of expertise and resources.

FATbit product prices are competitively priced to maximize ROI for partner businesses. The products are offered under multiple packages to further give them flexibility and ease. FATbit being the author of the solution must get the due credit and exposure for its creations and expertise.

If the client requires not to be mentioned in FATbit’s portfolio or any other marketing content, an NDA can be mutually agreed upon. The charges for the same are USD 10000 (Ten Thousand US Dollars) over and above product packages + USD 5 per hour for additional customization services purchased. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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