Web hosting companies recommended by FATbit/YoKart

At FATbit, we believe in delivering value to our clients. You may choose any hosting provider after matching the technical requirements but we also recommend you to:

  • Make sure the hosting company provides 24 / 7 technical and general support
  • Choose managed hosting plan, with C-Panel, where most server resources are managed by hosting company

Software Configuration

The hosting must be based on LAMP architecture with recent stable versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Server Settings

Additional extension files are required to run our software. Some extensions include Zlib, GD, etc. For complete information on software configuration and server settings, visit http://www.fatbit.com/faqs/content-26/server-requirements-for-fatbit-products-250.html

Server setup by FATbit

If you don’t have technical expertise or your own server administrator, then FATbit can configure the server for you at additional cost. In such a case, the following information is required:

  • C-Panel and MySQL database login information
  • Access to update DNS records
  • SSH access

To know complete information required by FATbit to successfully setup your server, visit http://faq.yo-kart.com/question/installation-services-process-sharedvpsdedicated-hosting-account-users

Recommended Hosting Service Providers








Amazon Web Servers

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