In which technology stack your products are built?

Core Platform:

At the core our products are developed with LAMP stack as development platform.

LAMP stack can further be classified as follows:

  • L (Linux Operating System) - World’s most favored open source operating system for servers, which can be configured to handle large enterprise web applications without compromising with security.
  • A (Apache Web Server) - The perfect open source solution to handle large volume of web traffic without hampering network speed.
  • M (MySQL Database) - An easy to maintain relational database management system that can easily handle terabytes of data.
  • P (PHP Web Development Language) - The language that powers Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, and more.

Updated and Secure

The entire LAMP stack is based on open source development model, which means that developers from around the world contribute to make LAMP, the most secure and updated platform for other to build on.


Being world’s most popular web development platform, it’s easier to get more developers to work on this stack and hence, maintenance and enhancement cost is much lower as compared to other technologies.

Web Framework:

All products are based on MVC pattern, which makes it easier to maintain and enhances its security by giving the developer more control. Here are some additional benefits you get:

  • Testing of new features is easier
  • Saves time as most of the code is reusable
  • Better integration of business logic with user interface
  • Clean and controlled output for better end user experience
  • Makes the entire framework much easier to maintain

Developed over FATbit framework, All products are easy to scale and comes with hardened security. The FATbit framework is very stable and empowers hundreds of enterprise and medium scale web based applications.

JavaScript Framework

There are many client side frameworks available these days. All our products use JavaScript, as it is most widely used one and most aggressively developed and improved.


All our products use jQuery-UI (user interface) which contains a lot of widgets, interactions, effects etc to make your application more appealing. This is an obvious choice if you are using jQuery.

Responsive UI

Smartphone users are gradually overtaking the number of desktop users. At FATbit, we understand this, which is why we implemented such a responsive UI that provides seamless experience across all devices.

Here are more advantages due to responsive nature of our products:

  • Flexibility - User has freedom to access the portal/marketplace on all the portable devices.
  • Unbeatable User Experience - The entire design of the store gets dynamically changed providing optimal user experience.
  • Cost effective - Save more by paying just for one platform, which adjusts on both smartphone and desktop.
  • SEO - Google recommends for all websites to have responsive UI.


Note: This tech stack is not applicable for YoDeals (Local deals marketplace builder)

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