How to do a wire transfer?

There are two options to do a wire transfer:


  • Visit your bank and share the provided invoice. Your bank will ask a few details to verify your identity and will process the payment.
  • The second option is to do an online transfer. For online transfer, follow the following steps:
    • Log into your online banking profile
    • Look for a wire transfer option.
    • Activate your wire transfer limit if required
    • Enter in the beneficiary banking information - You will need beneficiary name, address, bank account number, bank name, swift code/IFSC code. You can search the beneficiary bank based on swift code/IFSC code. In case you are unable to find the bank with Mohali address, please select the bank with the Mumbai address. 
    • In a few cases, intermediary bank information might be required. Please add the intermediary bank information only if it is mandatory. Intermediary Bank information is used by the remitter bank to route the payment to the beneficiary bank.
    • Please make sure to add beneficiary account number while processing the payment.
    • Specify the currency(mentioned in the invoice) and the amount of the transfer and process the payment

Note: All the required information for filling the wire transfer details are available in the invoice

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