Does customization tool work with actual fabric images?

Yes, the customization tool can work with actual fabric images but as of now the feature is not present in Stitch system.

To develop a tool with real fabric images, a person requires heavy Investment depending upon the product line and custom options to be provided.

Design/Development Process for Customization Tool with real shirt image (Including the option to view the custom shirt with selected Fabric):

A user will have to follow the below process to setup everything.

  1. Manufacture the shirts with different customization options. You will need to manufacture many shirts for each fabric depending upon the custom attributes/options. Please refer to the calculation below.
  2. Get the professional and high quality images clicked of each shirt manufactured.
  3. Get the Photoshop work done by the designers and cut the options into pieces.
  4. Placing the pieces into the customization tool to reflect it in product preview.


Mathematical Explanation for calculating required images for a single product (Single Fabric)


Number of Collar Options – 3

Number of Placket Options – 3

Number of Pocket Options– 2

Number of Pleat Options – 4

Number of Tuck Length – 3

Number of Cuffs – 3


Total number of images required = n! / (n-r)!

N= number of things to choose from

R= number of items to choose


Total images required = 3! / (3-1)!   X 3! / (3-1)!  X 2! / (2-1)!  X 4! / (4-1)!  X 3! / (3-1)! X 3! / (3-1)!  


Images required    = 648


This level of customization can be implemented in a website, but it requires a large amount of investment as compared to ready-to-use customizer tool in Stitch.

In case of Stitch,webmaster/seller just has to take care of customization, he is offering in a product. On the basis of customization options offered on a product, they will be displayed on front-end providing a generic view of customization attributes + options, which will reduce the cost of setting up multiple images of product for different attributes and options.


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