What is bad in hiring a freelancer, he also makes website?

Here are few concerns that put the option of hiring freelancers on back front:

Dedication and Timelines

A freelancer mostly works on multiple project at the same time, this does not allow him to work on your projects with 100% dedication, extra $s keeps them deviated and they mostly do not meet timelines. And after spending a couple of months waiting on freelancers to complete the project you again have to start searching for the vendor for getting your project done from scratch. Freelancers are good for small jobs/tasks/tweaks but not for building the whole project from scratch. Working with freelancers is like walking on a highway blindfolded while others are racing away in their high speed cars and not blindfolded.

Single Skill Vs Multiple Skills

Mostly freelancers are good with in only one or two particular skills, if your project requires multiple skills and experience of working in different technical areas then you must go with a company instead of hiring a freelancer. Example: If you are looking for a website which requires a professional design and content management system or eCommerce capacity also one freelancer cannot design and develop your website, he will need to outsource either design or programming to some other freelancer which will further reduce your chances of getting work done on time and with quality.


If you need technical support available at short notice, freelancer might be enjoying in Las Vegas and might not be available for 1 week. It will leave you stuck in the mid of urgency, on the other hand a company assures you of instant support on working days and emergency support can also be made available to you as they have a large size of manpower working for them.

Time & Money Management

Freelancers face great difficulty in managing their time and money, as the work is more as per individual’s capacity and time is less. Hence there is a prevalent tendency to put that task on hold which has been pre-paid or the income is not due to earn by them. More focus is on the tasks until the income has been secured, credibility is a smaller concern for them, as they are not representing a brand or company. When asked about delays clients face a whole feast of excuses. One thing to keep in account is that the lower you are paying a freelancer the lesser will be his focus on your work. 

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