What skills a PHP Programmer should have to work on our Framework Powered Projects?

If you are planning to hire Freelancers or Own Team for doing customization into FATbit Framework Powered projects, we recommend that the programmer(s) should have at least 2 years of experience working with eCommerce Projects.
To work on our framework/library based projects - the developer must have an understanding of Object Oriented Programming. Knowledge and hands on work experience on any MVC based framework (Like Codeigniter ) is must.
They will also need to study the documentation of our library if they intent to extend the functionality or make major changes. If it's just about making some cosmetic changes or theming, you just need a basic knowledge of php and MVC architecture.
In case - your programmers are not so comfortable using our Framework Functions, they can write the code using standard PHP Functions.

For More info about our FATbit Framework - Please click here.
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2022-12-07 16:22
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