What Is FATbit framework?

FATbit framework is a PHP-based structured platform with high flexibility to develop custom web apps. FATbit framework uses an in-house encrypted code library, a collection of commonly used classes & functions we use in almost all of our web application projects. Here are a few highlights of FATbit’s code library:

  • Database Class
  • Table record class
  • Search Class (Used to run a search with complex queries. Can be called as Query Builder)
  • HTML builder class
  • Form Builder Class (With client side and server side validations)
  • Image resizing and handling using PHP GD
  • Numerous instantly usable common functions

All our native code library classes are developed using 10 years of analytical experience by our expert programmers. The complete library is tightly bound and highly extendible.

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2022-09-29 14:12
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