Is FATbit Framework Secure?

FATbit Framework is developed, maintained, & updated by our technical team head and no other member has direct access to code library. The development team works only with the documentation of the code library. Additionally, our custom written code inherently prevents common errors & security breaches from happening.

Here is an example in support of this statement:

Let’s take the example of a table names ‘countries’ with following fields; country_id, country_name, & country_active. If we need to add record to this table, in standard PHP, we would do it something like this:

Using FATbit library, the code would look like:

Another way to do it using our in-house code library:

As you can see in the second chunk of code, $db is an object of Database class of our library. TableRecord in the 3rd chunk is also a class of our library.

You can clearly see that these classes have no relation with the project logic; hence, no effect on modifications or scalability of the project. Point is, in both cases, programmers do not need to worry about escaping the received strings, therefore, no concerns of skipping it by mistake & opening a gateway for SQL injection.

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