What is a content management system (CMS) ?

Meaning and Defination:

  • Content management system is an organized and structured method of creating, processing, managing and presenting the content of your website.
  • CMS is a Web-based solution that resides on a server and makes it easy to manage website updates internally.
  • With CMS we can update multiple websites and web pages instantly and create high quality browsing experience by producing uniform changes effectively across all web pages. 
  • Content management system is the back-end of any website.



In Simple Language

CMS is the easiest way to make content/graphic changes in a website

In Complicated Language

It is a web based solution that resides on a server and makes it easy to create, manage, and present website content. By using CMS, you can update multiple web pages instantly.


Research & Points on its Gaining Popularity

  • 30% people with regular websites choose & recommend CMS based websites.
  • 54% people prefer doing business with companies having an updated website
  • Google bots love websites that receive regular content updates
  • Frequently updated web pages rank better on search engines


Unique CMS features:

  • Content creation & management

Content is created through WYSIWYG editor. It looks similar to Word processor.

  • Publishing

Once the content is ready, changes can be made live within seconds.

  • Presentation

CMS makes your website dynamic, consistent and interactive.


Benefits of Owning a CMS Website:

  • Simplified content management – Managing content becomes non-technical   
  • Saves time and effort – Its advanced functionality and automationsaves time & labor
  • Complete control- You can make changes anytime, anywhere. 
  • Zero dependency- No need to depend on developers to make the changes.  
  • Multiple design options - You can choose from the vast gallery of design templates
  • Reduced Maintenance cost – No needto pay additionally for changes  
  • SEO friendly – Your website sells more because your every page dominates search engines.


Industries That Prefer CMS

  • Blog
  • Technology
  • E-commerce
  • Health care
  • Entertainment
  • Search
  • Education
  • Media
  • Business
  • Travel
  • News


Here is the infographic version of everything you need to know about the technology widely favored by blogs, shopping and business websites.

CMS Infographic

CMS platforms keep the control in the hands of website owners making it easy to update websites anytime and from anywhere, that is why renowned online brands in the field of news reporting, e-commerce, blogging and technology chose it over regular websites.


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