Free maintenance for 1 Year. Is it True?

Yes it’s true. FATbit provides 1-year free technical/maintenance support for the following kind of issues:

a) Server side scripting/programming errors/bugs.

b) Logical Bugs/Calculation related errors/bugs.

c) Connection errors/API Integration Errors.


Above support is not available if the errors/bugs arise due to any external entity. Examples:

a) Server or software or application or extension downgrades or upgrades.

b) Edits done in the code/scripts delivered by any external entity/person/professional.

c) Operating System or Browser Version Downgrades/Upgrades.

d) Any other factor which is not directly related to any deficiency at the end of FATbit.


Above support is not available for following kind of instances, unless otherwise specifically covered in the scope of project and/or deliverables:

a) Training for using the software/solutions delivered.

b) General inquiries/questions related to particular features of the software/solution delivered.

c) Cosmetic updates and/or UI/UX updates.

d) Enhancements or modifications in the default features/functional logics of the software/solutions delivered. 


Unless otherwise agreed explicitly, this 1-year Free Technical Support is not available for following kinds of engagement/association with FATbit:

a) Full Time Web Designer or Developer Engagement/Hired

b) FATbit Designers and/or Developers are working with Client Team directly where project management is being done by the Client Team.

c) FATbit is hired only for Installation and/or Support works and/or Quality only but not for the project development.

d) For YoKart GoQuick Package only 6 months Free Technical Support will be provided.



Git Process:

In case your team installing the application then it is recommended that please go with the git process. It will help us deliver you the latest updates (if no changes have been done to our delivered scripts at your end). In case there will be any updates, we will push those updates in a separate branch (For example: fatbit_master)  and you/your team can take a pull or merge in your active branch(s) (as per your internal requirements).


- In such cases where installation has been done through git and we are providing updates to you then your team has to take care of conflicts at your end.
- Where installation through git is not possible, we will provide patches to you and your dev team has to take care of adding these patches in the script manually.

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