Will I be able to upgrade my package from standard to Advance? And at what cost?

Upgrade from Standard to Advance Package can be done anytime.


Please check the following conditions:

Upgrading from Standard to Advance

  1. Upgrade Price = Advance Package Price - Standard Package Price (Current Price Published on the website)


Upgrading version in same package

  1. Upgrade Price = USD 300-500 *This price is indicative price, please confirm the price before placing the order.


Installation Cost for setting up upgraded version of the scripts on your server

  1. USD 15 per hour (Minimum USD 100 will be charged)
  2. Time required to setup the upgraded version on your server depends on many factors as under:

     2.1. Do you need us to do a fresh installation or you need us to retain the old database and do the modifications in old database to match with the new database structure

    2.2. Have you modified the scripts or design of your currently used version? If yes - do you wish to retain those or not.

    2.3. Have you ordered/implemented custom features into your currently used version scripts? If yes - do you wish to retain those or not.

    2.4. How many features are different in the previously used version and the upgraded version.


The promotional price is valid till March, 2016.

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